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July 10, 2017 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare / Video Games

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Zombies in Spaceland N31L – The ONLY complete guide

Getting N31L up an running is extremely useful.  The robot comes in 3 stages.  Each stage requires adding a part to N31L and then completing 5 challenges.  The challenges can come in any random order.  Don’t worry if you fail a given challenge, it will be repeated later.

Stage 1: The head

The head is easy to find.  It is on a disused concession table just past the portal in the Cosmic Way.  Pick up the head and then attach it to N31L.  The 5 challenges for stage 1 are:

  • Kill 5 zombies from a distance.  The zombies will be outlined when they are far away.  Shoot them before they get close.
  • Kill 5 zombies while jumping.  This is easiest to do early on when the zombies still don’t take too many hits to kill (I like to finish by round 3).
  • Melee kill 5 zombies.  Again this is easiest to do early on.  Also, if you use the M1, you can count the number of hits you have on the zombie and then finish it off with a punch.
  • Get 2 multikills.  Easiest to do with the M1 before round 5.  Line up a double head shot and fire.
  • Do not go into last stand.  Just stay alive.  Definitely the easiest challenge.

Be aware that these number are given for solo play.  If you have more players then more kills are required to complete the challenge.

Stage 2: The battery

Finding the battery can be difficult, which makes this stage hard to start.  There are 6 (six) locations for the battery – three in the Kepler System and three in Polar Peak.

Kepler System:

  • on the bench next to the DJ (bottom floor)
  • on top of the trash can to the right at the top of the stairs as you go from the DJ booth up to the Chronosphere.
  • on the disused snack cart across from the Chronosphere

Polar Peak:

  • on top of the trash can as you reach the main floor (next to the wall gun purchase RPR EVO)
  • on the counter of the gift shop
  • hidden in the counter next to the roller coaster.  This is the hardest to find because the battery is not actually visible on the screen.  It is located on the side of the counter you walk to immediately as you enter the roller coaster room as you come up the ramp.

The 5 challenges for stage 3 are:

  • Kill 5 zombies without taking any damage.  This is by far the easiest of the challenges.  Just don’t get hit.
  • Dismember 5 zombie’s legs.  Just shoot zombies in the legs.  I advise NOT using a shotgun because you don’t want to kill the zombies before you dismember them.
  • Kill 5 crawling zombies.  Uh, basically the exact same challenge again.
  • Repair 15 window boards.  Definitely the hardest challenge of this stage.  This is much easier if you get Quickies first.
  • Kill 5 zombies within a distance.  Essentially the opposite of the challenge from the 1st stage.  Just let the zombies get close before killing them.  It is actually quite easy.

Again, these numbers are for solo play.

Stage 3: Reboot the System

The final stage for N31L involves getting a floppy disk to reboot his system.  The floppy disk can be found in 3 locations in the underground in or around the employee break room.  If you enter through Journey Through Space and head for the Racin’ Stripes, just check the counters / benches along the way.  You can find it on the junk covered counter on your left, the bench in the main hall on your left, or near the microwave on your right.  Just look around a bit and you will find it quickly.

The 5 challenges for stage 3 are:

  • Kill 5 zombies that have damaged you.  Much easier than it sounds.  You are likely to get hit as you run around anyway.  This challenge is usually accomplished without using any particular strategy.
  • Kill 5 zombies with headshots.  Again, very simple.  Just shoot zombies in the head, which you probably are doing already anyway.
  • Kill 5 zombies from within the marked area.  A golden (very difficult to see through) glowing circle will appear and you have to remain in that area while you kill zombies.  Careful!  This is surprisingly difficult because visibility is horrible.  One strategy is to get your train going and then use explosives.  Another is to do it when there are fewer zombies left on the map.  In any case, be careful.
  • Dismember 5 zombie arms.  Another easy challenge.  Just shoot zombies in the arms.  In fact, at this point you probably don’t have to alter your strategy at all since you will likely have enough stray bullets to accidentally dismember 5 zombie arms.
  • Kill marked zombies first.  This is by far the most difficult challenge.  Three zombies will highlight and you can only kill those zombies without killing any other zombie.   Very, very difficult to do when you are being mobbed by a horde and running a train.  The easiest method I have found is to watch N31L’s meter being filled (or mentally keep track of challenges completed) and save this one for last (unless I get lucky timing).  Whittle the current wave down to 3-5 zombies and wait for this challenge to start).  With only a few zombies around picking off the correct zombies is much easier.

After completing each stage you an summon David Hasselhoff to help you.  As noted in many other guides, he is a horrible shot; however, there is one huge advantage to having him around – namely he will revive you if you go down, even if you don’t have any Up ‘N Atoms.  This benefit is, obviously, huge.  Also, after the 3rd stage N31L will reset every few minutes so you can keep repeatedly summoning Mr. Hasselhoff for $5000 each time.  If you time it correctly you can get tons of extra revives.

Hope this helps!

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