You Can’t Welch on a Wish

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

You can’t welch on a wish,
If you are a Djinni or magic fish.
Just like you can’t serve the lord
If you wishes aren’t his words.

Long hair and dainty looks
Are great to those who live in lust.
But strong character and good deeds
Are those who our great Lord needs.

You can’t help another grow
If your soul is dead and faith slow.
First comes the fire to purge yourself
Then the warmth to touch everyone else.

Great works wrought in pride
Are to hell a one-way ride.
But simple everyday life
done right never brings strife.

You can’t lose if you live your dream
And your dreams are the dreams of God.
You can’t lose if you chase sunbeams,
And your dreams are dreams of God.

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