What is Refining and Why do I Need it in Entropia Universe?

February 8, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Refining in Entropia Universe is the process of turning one resource – something you find – into something else that can be used in different crafting processes. It is essential if you want to earn PED. There are two types of refining: simple refining and recipe refining. Both refining processes require a refiner.  Your first introduction to refining will probably come from mining. You can buy a basic refiner very inexpensively at any Trade Terminal. Other refiners can be purchased through the auction house, but you won’t need one unless you are doing a lot of refining and many players never use anything other than the TT refiner.

Simple refining is the most common and is something that you will need to do if you want any chance of selling things you find. Everything that you find while mining can be refined and in 99% of the cases must be refined before you can sell it for a profit. One of the most common questions new players ask is how to turn crude oil into oil. The answer, of course, is to refine it. This is also how you turn ores into ingots. Other basic items you will want to refine are animal hides which then become animal leathers which can be crafted into textures.

Most everything you find can be refined, but not everything needs to be refined, so be careful. Things you mine are almost always refined, but things that drop when hunting don’t always need to be refined even though they can be refined. Be sure to check Entropedia or another source to find out what that item refines into and how it is used. Some blueprints require the unrefined resource and some blueprints require the refined resource.

Recipe refining is more complex and largely misunderstood in Entropia Universe. Personally, I suspect that there are for more unknown recipes out there than players suspect, but that is only a guess. Recipe refining is when 2 or more materials are placed into the refiner in order to get a single output. The 2 most common examples are combining fruits with sweetstuff in order to get nutrio bars and combining force nexus with vibrant sweat to get mind essence. There are plenty of other recipes out there and research and experimentation will lead you to those recipes if you choose to explore.

Unless you are heavy into crafting, you will probably not need to explore out all of the recipes that are possible when refining, and certainly at the beginning of the game there is no need to spend time or PED experimenting with rare or unusual recipes.

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