The Beginner’s Guide to Mining in Entropia Universe

January 28, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Okay, so this is a guide to get beginners started.  Mining in Entropia Universe is a big topic. Those of you who are advanced users will probably have more to say on the topic and that is great, but you won’t find that info here.  Anyone who is new to mining in Entropia Universe, will find this a useful guide.

First of all you need a finder and an extractor. You can acquire both of these items from the trade terminal – although you should have them from your beginner’s quests already. If you haven’t gotten them from then go back and do the quests.

When you look at your tools you will see several pieces of data including professional level requirements, range, depth, and the number of probes used.

For the starter tools the professional requirements are set to 0, so you automatically meet them. Many tools have a learning period which can be “yes”, “not yet”, or “not anymore”. Never use a tool for which you do not meet the professional requirements, or for which the learning period is “not yet”. Doing so will be inefficient and ultimately cost you extra PED without giving you any additional benefit.

Next take a look at the range and depth.  These are the most important concepts for efficient mining in Entropia Universe. The range is in meters and indicates the diameter of the area the tool is scanning. In order to avoid searching the same piece of ground multiple times you need to move 2 times that distance before scanning again. For example, if you have a range of 25 meters you need to move 50 meters before scanning again. By looking at your longitude/latitude on your minimap you can tell how far you have moved. You may hear some controversy about this because there is no guarantee that you will find all resources in a given area when you scan – it is partially dependent on your skill level, but because you can never tell if you didn’t find something because there was nothing to find or because your skill wasn’t good enough, you are better off moving along.

The maximum depth of your finder indicates how deep your searches go. In order to go deeper in Entropia Universe you will need enhancers attached to your finder or a better finder or both. Different ores and enmatters can be found at deeper depths, and in general the deeper you go the larger your finds although to find the largest deposits you will need an amplifier.

When you first start out you will probably just want to search for whatever you can find, but as you get into Entropia Universe you will want to tailor your mining to the specific items you are looking for, in which case you will want to use a mining map.

As you level up and want to maximize your finds you will want to upgrade your finder, add enhancers, attach amplifiers, and upgrade your extractor. Entropedia has a tool that can tell you the outcome of attaching different enhancers to different tools.

Adding an amplifier to your finder will increase the amount of probes used but will greatly increase the size of any deposits. This can get very expensive very quickly, but is also how players find those deposits in the 10k PED and higher range. I do not recommend applying any amplifiers until you have put in quite a bit of practice and leveled up significantly.

Finally, you will need a refiner.  Refining is key to selling your ores and turning a profit.

Mining in Entropia Universe can seem tricky at first, but with a little practice it is easy.  Be patient and you will soon be hauling up massive loads of ore.

Enjoy, and good luck!


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