Skyrim: Riften Stables

October 6, 2015 / 0 comments

Located outside of Riften, these stables are similar to other stables in Skyrim.   Hafgeir Horse Crusher.  You have the option of brawling with Hafgeir, and if you win you will be able to use his horses for free.  Otherwise you can simply purchase one from him.   Shaddr will be here if you have…

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Skyrim: Mistveil Keep

April 7, 2015 / 0 comments

If you go upstairs to the Jarl’s Chambers you can find the skill book: Surfeit of Thieves and an Unusual Gem.   Anuriel – the court steward.  Talk to her to get random bounty jobs.   Jarl Laila Law-Giver – the jarl.   Wylandriah – the court wizard.  She has a limited supply of alchemical…

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Skyrim: The Ratway

January 11, 2015 / 0 comments

Enter the Ratway from Riften, and a tunnel leads to a little camp guarded by Drahlff and Hewnon Black-Skeever.   The tunnel ends at a room.  Your first time through you will be forced to drop down and you can’t climb back out.  To your left you can unlock an expert gate, or you can…

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Skyrim: Riften

January 9, 2015 / 0 comments

When you first enter Riften the guards will attempt to extort money from you.  Simply refuse and tell them that it is “obviously a shakedown.” Maul will greet you when you come close to him.  He provides some information before heading out to the docks and guarding the warehouse. Shaddr and Sapphire are having an…

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