Skyrim: Wolfskull Cave

August 15, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You will most likely come here after starting the quest The Man Who Cried Wolf, which you can get from Falk Firebrand at the Blue Palace in Solitude.

2 skeletons are on patrol outside of the cave.

Enter a tunnel going north and down.  The tunnel winds down and around to a little opening with a cart in it and then continues northwest.  Eventually you will come to an area with the option of taking a higher ledge or going through the lower tunnel.  This area is patrolled by a draugr.

Either path will take you to a cave where a pair of mages sit enjoying a meal.  The exit from this room is a door in the north wall.  Drop into the pit to continue.  Exit the pit through a tunnel to the northwest.

This tunnel takes you to Wolfskull Ruins.

Wolfskull Ruins.

When you enter you will see the swirling of a spell being cast.  This is because of a ritual being performed atop a tower.  As you look over the ruins you will see three towers.  To your left is the west tower, to your right, the east, and in the middle is the north tower.

Take a tunnel to your left (west) and down.  A mage patrols this tunnel.  A switchback  in the tunnel will take you out to a lower balcony overlooking the cavern.  To your left stairs lead down.  A mage and a draugr patrol the area at the bottom of these steps.  The steps wind down and eventually emerge at the base of the east tower.

Enter the east tower and find steps to your right leading up.  The steps circle up and around to where a draugr is patrolling.  A doorway here opens back out into the cavern and steps lead up to an area behind the towers.  A draugr patrols these steps.

Go up the steps and find yourself behind the towers.  You can access the battlements between the towers from here.  To your left a mage and a draugr are on guard.  To your right a mage and 2 druagr are on guard.  Either party will alert the other.

Go to the right (northwest) up some stairs and then continue on the path until emerge just below the top of the west tower.  A bridge will take you inside the middle tower.  Be prepared for a fight as you face off against 5 necromancers.  They will use ice spells to slow you down and raise their fallen companions to fight you again.

At the top face off against the Ritual Master – yet another necromancer to disrupt the ritual.  On the altar you can find the skill book: The Refugees (light armor).  Pull a lever to drop a bridge to the east tower and a chest.  From here take the stairs down to a door to Wolfskull Cave.  From here it is quick and easy to get back to Skyrim.

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