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Whiterun is probably the first city that you will enter in Skyrim.  The first time you enter Whiterun, the guards will stop you.  Choose any of the options to proceed.  If you choose the persuade option, it will train your speech slightly.


Irileth: She is the Jarl’s housecarl.

Farengar: The court wizard.


Dragonsreach Jarl’s Quarters:  You can head upstairs and find the skill book: Before the Ages of Man (Illusion) on the Jarl’s desk, and an unusual gem on the night stand next to his bed.

In Whiterun itself:

Danica Pure Spring:  She asks you to find Nettlebane, starting the quest The Blessings of Nature.  After completing the quest she becomes a master skill trainer for Restoration.

Belethor: Runs the general good store.

Ysolda: wanders around town.  She will ask you to bring her a mamoth’s tusk, and in return will raise your speech 1 point.

Carlotta Valentia: runs a food stand.  She will ask you to talk to the bard Mikael in the Bannered Mare.

Fraila Gray-Mane:  The first time you talk to her, she mentions she has problems and invites you to her house.  Talk to her there and then to her son to start the quest Missing in Action.

Brenuin:  A beggar.  He wanders the streets and frequents the Bannered Mare.  He will ask you to steal some Argonian Ale for him.  The ale will not be visible until after you get his quest.

Amren: He wanders the streets and will ask you to find his family’s sword.  When you find the sword and return it, he will train you in one-handed and block, one point each.  He is a skill trainer in one-handed.

Ulfberth War-Bear: Is the owner of Warmaiden’s, the blacksmith near the gates of Whiterun.

Commander Caius

Lucia: a little girl that wanders around Whiterun.  You can adopt her.

Eorlund Gray-Man: He is the blacksmith that runs the skyforge and works for the companions.  The skill book: The Armorer’s Challenge can be found at his forge.


Idolaf Battle-Born.


Lileth Maiden Loom


Jon Battle-Born



Olfina Gray-Mane

Vignar Gray-Mane

Heimskr – spends his days haranguing the people to worship Talos.

Bannered Mare:

Hulda: The innkeeper

Sinmir: sits around drinking

Uthgerd the Unbroken: You can brawl with her.  If you win she will become a follower.

Saadia: participates in the quest: In my time of need.  She is the redguard woman you are looking for.

Mikael: the bard.  If you are talking to him because Carlotta asked you to, you have the options of persuading him, intimidating him, or brawling with him.  If you give a coin to a beggar, it will boost your speech high enough to be able to persuade him without fail.

Drunken Huntsman:

Elrindir – co-owner and operator of the 24 hour store.  Buys and sells weapons and armor.  On the shelf under the counter you can find the skill book: The Black Arrow, v2 (Archery).

Jenassa: a mercenary you can hire for 500 gold.

The Temple of Kynareth:

Danica Pure-Spring: She runs the temple.  She will start you on the quest: The Blessings  of Nature.  She is also a master trainer for Restoration magic.

Acolyte Jenssen: works here.  In his bedroom on the bottom shelf of his book shelf you can find the skill book: Withershins.

Heimskr’s House:

If Heimskr is here, then he is sleeping.  Otherwise he is standing in front of the shrine to Talos, preaching.  His house holds nothing of real interest.


Outside of Jorrvaskr you can find a practice arena in the back yard.  Like most others, here you can collect arrows if someone is practicing archery.  Take the path upstairs to the Skyforge and find Eorlund Graymane.  Near the forge you can take some loose equipment and the skill book: The Armorer’s Challenge (Smithing).

Inside the main hall you can find the skill book: Hallgerd’s Tale.  This book is on top of an end table in the southeast portion of the room.  It can be hard to see as the color of the book melds into the color of the table – not the table along the wall, but the one in between the pillars.

Inside the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters you can find the skill book: Song of Hrormir on a shelf where Kodlak and Vilkas sit, and inside of Kodlak’s room you can find an unusual gem.  If you go into Aela’s room, you can find the skill book: Marksmanship Lesson in a locked display case.

Belethor’s General Goods: 

Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Belethor is a general goods merchant.

On a bookshelf in the main room you can find the skill book: Biography of the Wolf Queen (Speech).


Warmaiden’s is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but Adrianne Avenicci starts work at 6 a.m. and you can buy from her.  As long as she is outside, her inventory and money are separate from Ulfberth War-Bear, who is inside.  If she is inside the shop, then her inventory goes away and you buy from Ulfberth (even if you are buying from Adrianne).

Amren’s House, Ysolda’s House, Uthgerd’s House, and Olava the Feeble’s House

These houses have little of interest in them, and little of value.  None of these people is really ever home.

Severio Pelagia’s House

This house has a little more to loot in it, but nothing spectacular.

House Gray-Mane

This house is where you will start/continue the quest Missing in Action.  The house has more valuables than most if you wish to loot it.  Completing quests for the family will allow you to take most things without stealing.

House Battle-Born

This house also has valuables in it.  You can also find the Imperial Missive, a quest item, by opening the locked door in the master bedroom.

Carlotta’s House

This house doesn’t contain much of value, but if you help out Carlotta Valentia by talking to Mikael, then you will be able to take things from her house without stealing them.  Upstairs, in her bedroom, next to the bed you can find the skill book: Enchanter’s Primer (Enchanting).

Arcadia’s Cauldron

Arcadia sells and buys potions and ingredients.  There is an alchemy lab in the front room that you can freely use.  In the next room, on a table you can find the skill book: Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim (Alchemy).

Hall of the Dead

Here Andurs supervises things.  He has lost his Amulet of Arkay and asks you to find it.  It is in the catacombs.  The catacombs are fairly straightforward.  As you enter you will be in an alcove of the main room.  In the main room is a skeleton, but 2 more will be alerted when it becomes alerted.  Kill them off.  To the west of the main room is a small burial chamber.  Here you can find the skill book: Death Blow of Abernaanit.  Stairs lead down from the main room to a smaller chamber.  On the west wall of this area you can find an unusual gem.  In the northeast corner is a door.  Beyond the door is a small room, and Andurs’ amulet is on a table next to a wreath.

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