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August 25, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Volskygge is an impressive ancient ruin with a few outdoor areas to explore.  A burial tomb just to the east has a trapped door, triggering a jet of flame, with a few potions inside.  Three bandits have now made camp here and patrol the ramparts of Volskygge.  Steps to the south lead down and then up to Volskygge.  Watch out for the pressure plate.  The room to the south of the pressure plate has a Restless Draugr that will emerge from his tomb when you move close enough.

Enter facing west into a small entry chamber.  The exit from this room is through a door directly ahead of you.  The door leads down a short passage into a wide, crumbling audience room.  A pressure plate near the throne triggers a dart trap.  Bandits have taken up habitation here as well.  Exit through a tunnel to the west.

The tunnel soon widens into an area with a pressure plate activated swinging wall trap.  The pressure plate is easy to avoid as the area is quite wide.  A bandit guards a chest down a few steps after this little room.

Continue down the passage to the north.  The passage quickly brings you to an intersection where you need to decide if you want to go left or right.  To the right is a room for you to explore.  You will fight a bandit in this room, and you can find the skill book: Surfeit of Thieves (Lockpicking) on a shelf along the west wall of the room.  Pick the lock on the cage in the south wall to pull the lever inside.  The lever opens a secret door that leads to a treasure room with a chest and some potions.

Head back to the main passage and head the other direction (east).  This passage opens into a dining hall.  To the left (north) a passage loops around, passing 3 other small dining rooms before returning to this chamber.  A pair of bandits may be found roaming the halls or eating.  Slay them, grab some potions, and then continue through a door to the east.

Watch out for the pressure plate immediately on the other side of the door.  A log will swing down at you, and the dead bandit and pool of blood should be ample warning.  The passage swings around and takes you into a puzzle room with a locked grate.  The book on the pedestal: The Four Totems of Volskygge has a riddle with the puzzle solution.  You have to activate the lever of each totem in the proper order: Snake, Bear, Fox, Wolf.  Head through the now open grate and grab the loot from the chest in the next room.  Then take the circular stairs down.

The stairs end at a door to Volskygge Passages

Volskygge Passages:

Enter a hall facing west.  The passage winds down and around until you come to a room with some burial urns and a lever. The lever opens the grate in the west wall, but there is nothing on the other side.  Continue through the door to the north.

The door opens into a room with a draugr scourge.  You can loot a chest in the northeast corner before pulling the lever next to the grate in the west wall.

Beyond the grate is a series of chambers with trap doors.  Watch out for the pressure plate as well.  In the second chamber you will see a dead bandit to the north.  Above the bandit is a lever that opens a secret door.  Beyond the secret door is a room with a chest and  a healing potion on a pedestal.  Taking the potion causes spears to shoot up out of the grate in the floor, so just don’t stand on the grate when you take the potion.

Go back to the other room and head west.  You will come to a chamber with two druagr and a pressure plate.  If you somehow managed to fall into the spiked pit earlier, then you will emerge into this room from the tunnel to the east, where a third draugr waits.  Otherwise exit this room to the south, and loot the chest when you reach the turn in the passage.

Continue west now and fight more draugr.  Eventually you will come to a chamber with a tangled mass of pillars in the middle and four druagr.  Exit this room by taking stairs up to the north.

More druagr patrol this hallway.  The hall ends with another burial chamber and another sleeping draugr.  To the north through a doorway you will see a room with a  draugr scourge in it.  Finish looting and then take the stairs up to the west.

Watch out for the pressure plate on the stairs and the draugr wight at the top of the stairs.  The passage eventually turns until you see a frostbite spider.  Past this spider the passage becomes overgrown with webs and you will need to face another 5 spiders before reaching webs you have to cut through.  Beyond these webs is a chamber with a waterfall and 4 more spiders.  As you continue on you will have to cut your way through more webs.

Eventually you will see a trapped chest to your left.  From the chest turn south.  You will come to three arches that open into a room with a bridge spanning  a stream.  Two draugr are in this room and a third patrols the balcony over the steps on the other side of the stream.  If you go downstream, you can find a chest and an orchalcum ore vein.

Take the stairs up to the south and then stairs up to the east.  Be prepared to fight the druagr death overlord on his throne at the top of the stairs.  In this chamber you can find a large chest to loot.  Continue east to find the door to Volskygge Peak.

Volskygge Peak:

Here you will confront the dragon priest Volsung.  To find him you need to take the stairs to your left which go up to the word wall for the shout: Whirlwind Sprint.  After you have activated the word wall, Volsung will spring up from his tomb and attack.  From his corpse you can take the Dragon Priest Mask: Volsung.  This mask gives a +20 Carry Limit, improves prices by 20%, and lets you breathe underwater.

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