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Valthume Vestibule

As you enter you will be approached by a ghost.  Talk to Valdar to gain a quest to free the place from evil.  You will want to talk to the ghost before proceeding with the rest of the walkthrough for Valthume.  If you are collecting the dragon priest masks, then you will want to go all the way through Valthume.

The entrance chamber has a throne in it and an ancient Nord helmet next to the throne.  Otherwise just proceed to the tunnel to the south to a door to Valthume.


You will enter into a large tomb with five statues forming a pentagram around a central sarcophagus.  There isn’t much of interest here, so proceed south by going around the throne to the right.

Watch out for a pressure plate in the tunnel.  The tunnel turns east and then south again and opens into a room where 2 draugr are on guard.  Exits from this room are south and east.  South takes you to a door that is barred from the other side – a common device in Skyrim to prevent you from going through the dungeon backwards.  So take the exit east.

The tunnel brings out to the top portion of a split level room.    You will see Hevnoraak’s ghost wandering around here, but you can just ignore it.  The main feature of this room is a trapdoor that the monsters can open, so be careful about stepping on it.  At the eastern end of this room are 2 thrones with draugr on them.  The draugr will wake up and attack unless you are super stealthy.  Beneath the altar is a chest for you to loot.  If you fall into the pit, no worries, just kill the draugr and follow the tunnel/stairs back here. Exit this area to the south.

The passage has several jars of oil suspended from the ceiling, so be careful not to drop them on yourself.  To your right (west) you will pass a small room.  In this room you can grab some random gear and in the alcove further west, on a table, is the skill book: Withershins (restoration).  Head back to the tunnel and proceed to the door at the end.

Open the door to a passage filled with oil and pressure plates with suspended jars waiting to ignite the oil.  Hevnoraak’s ghost is visible through a little window to the south.  Watch out for a pair of skeevers in this passage, especially because you might accidentally trip a pressure plate.  Of course you could always just ignite the oil before exploring the passage, which would fry the skeevers and eliminate the risk.  When you reach the end, pull a handle to continue.  The handle opens the secret door to the east and lifts the grate to the west.

East: this takes you to the burial tomb of a draugr death lord.  On a pedestal in the northeast corner is the Opaque Vessel (looks like a wine bottle), which you need to complete this dungeon.

West:  After grabbing the Opaque vessel, head back into the tunnel to the west.  This tunnel winds around and eventually widens into a split-level room guarded by draugr.  You will be on the top level when you enter.  1 draugr is up here and another draugr is on patrol below you to both your left and your right.  A stone bridge walkway crosses to a door on the upper level.  Behind this door is a room with several potions and books.

You can also take wooden ramps down to the lower level.  The lower level is a torture room with a cage, rack and skeletons in shackles.  To the north is a supply room with a secret door in the west wall that reveals a passage leading up to a secret treasure room with a chest and an alchemy lab.

Exit this area on the lower level through a tunnel in the in the east wall that leads to a door to Valthume Catacombs.

Valthume Catacombs

You will enter a tunnel going down and north.  The tunnel opens into the lair of frostbite spiders.  This is another large split-level room.  You will immediately see a chest on a little ledge in front of you, which is not trapped, so you can loot it without worrying.  Kill the three frostbite spiders and then pick up random loot around the room and in the four alcoves on the sides of the room.  Exit to the east by going up the stairs and then pulling the chain next to the grate.

The next tunnel has draugr patrolling or in sleeping alcoves.  Also watch out for the pressure plate on the floor.  Eventually you will come to a small burial chamber with a dead draugr on a table.  From here just turn right and keep going south.  Eventually you will come to a room with a central pillar (going all the way to the ceiling) with 3 more draugr in it and a grate in the northwest corner.  Pull a chain in the north wall to lift the grate and then continue west.

On the other side of the grate is a room with a  draugr officiating at a table to the west.  On the stone altar/pillar is another opaque vessel.  Grab this to continue the quest.  Also grab the soul gems floating along the south wall (or else get torched by the fire traps later).  From here you have to backtrack into the pillar room and exit from there into a tunnel to the south.  (use your automap if you get confused)

This new tunnel winds around for quite a distance past several burial alcoves until you come to a wide and tall chamber patrolled by draugr with a swinging gate trap on the south wall.  Continue from here by opening the grate in the southwest corner – the activation chain is hanging along the west wall.

This will take you to the top of another split level room.  Draugr patrol the area, so be careful.  On the top level, to the east you can find a chest to loot.  Be careful as you loot because not all of the draugr in the coffins are fully dead.  Exit this area on the lower level into a tunnel to the west.

This will take you around to a door.  On the other side of the door is another lair to frostbite spiders.  In the center of the room is a pedestal with a the iron claw on it.  This claw is used to open the puzzle door at the end of the room.  Watch  out for the fire that will shoot out of the four statues surrounding the pillar when you take the claw.  The puzzle door solution is (top to bottom) dragon, hawk, wolf.

Beyond the door head up some stairs into a wide room containing the last opaque vessel.  There are four draugr here, including a draugr death lord, so be prepared for a bit of a fight.  At the far west end of the room is a word wall with a word for the shout: Life, Aura Whisper.  There is a large chest in front of the word wall.  When you take the Opaque Vessel from the altar you will be directed to complete the ritual with Valdar.  In the chest you can find the unique weapon Kahvozein’s Fang.

After the room is clear, exit through a grate in the northwest corner (opened by pulling a nearby chain to the north).  Take the passage up and around and back to Valthume.

Valthume Continued

Take the passage around to the door that is barred, lift the bar and go through.  Keep going north until you find Valdar.  Talk to him.  He will direct you to empty the vessels into the sconce in front of the throne and then to sit on the throne.  Activate the scone and then sit on the throne as directed.  If you are a sneaky character, then get off the throne as soon as you see a spark of lightning so you can hide again before facing Hevnoraak.  Like all dragon priests he is a tough fight.  After you kill him, you can take the dragon priest mask Hevnoraak from his corpse, which grants immunity to poison and disease.  You can also grab his staff.  Head back to talk to Valdar to complete the quest and get it out of your quest log.

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