Skyrim How to Use and Improve Alchemy

December 25, 2014 - Video Games

Alchemy in Skyrim can be daunting and difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding.  In essence there are three primary reasons for doing alchemy:


  1. To get money
  2. To get levels
  3. To get potions


Obviously you are going to get potions by doing alchemy, but in fact unless you are trying for a specific type of role play in your game, then getting potions is generally not the reason that you are doing alchemy.


In order to get money you need to mix the most expensive potions, obviously, but in order to level up quickly you also need to make the most expensive potions, so these two go hand in hand.  If you want to bring in an outside source, then there are a myriad of alchemy calculator apps available.


If you intend to level alchemy without resorting to an app, then here are some tips:


  1. Pick everything – all flowers, mushrooms, butterflies etc. Grab all those free ingredients
  2. Rob every alchemist shop and house. Garlic and Salt Pile are free everywhere and they mix up reasonably priced potion.
  3. Eat everything. By eating the ingredient you will learn one of its properties. But only eat each ingredient once because you can only learn one effect from that ingredient without spending a perk, which is generally a wasted perk.
  4. Make potions. In the alchemy menu, just select two ingredients that grant the same property and mix them.  The trick here is to get as many different mixtures as possible. For example, if you have six Blue Mountain Flowers, 3 Wheat, 2 Blisterwort, and 1 Butterfly Wing, then you should try using one flower with each of the other ingredients to see what other effects you can unlock.


As you learn more and more effects, your alchemy skill will grow exponentially, and after a while you will memorize some simple combinations.  If you are trying for specific effects, then make a note of the ingredients that have those effects.

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