Skyrim: Swindler’s Den

February 20, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Swindler’s Den will probably be your target if you are working on the quest In my Time of Need.   It is located on the plains west of Whiterun but still east of Rorikstead.

1 bandit guards the entrance outside.  Enter a tunnel going north and down.  The tunnel leads into a cavern with one bandit on patrol.  you can find a chest on a ledge along the west wall.  Exit to the north.


Follow the tunnel to a split-level cavern.  Here there are 2 more bandits.  Grab some loose gear and potions.  Exit east into a tunnel.


This tunnel emerges to a dining area with 3 bandits and a 4th on top of a ledge to your right (south).  These bandits will alert more bandits if disturbed.  find loose treasure, including coins and gems laying around.  Exit to the north.


The passage winds around to a sleeping area where you can find a chest.  On a bedroll to the east is a skill book: Thief (pickpocket).  Exit to the south.


The passage leads out onto the ledge overlooking the dining area.  Watch out for the bear traps in front of the exit to the south.  The tunnel emerges into a cave with a pool and a waterfall.  Here you will find a bandit chief and his or her assistant.  Loot a large chest here.  During the quest: In My Time of Need, you will find Kematu here.


Exit west to reach the quickest route back to the entrance.


If you don’t have the quest active, then Swindler’s Den becomes just another banding hideout. You can still work your way through it and clear it out. It is even possible that you will get a bounty quest to come here and finish off a bandit chief.

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