Skyrim: Sundered Towers

January 24, 2014 - Skyrim / Video Games

Sundered Towers, like most places in the west of Skyrim is guarded by forsworn.  Sundered Towers is connected with Rebel’s Cairn and Red Eagle redoubt.

At the top a Forsworn Briarheart sits on a throne.  He has Red Eagle’s sword, and on an alter the book Red Eagle’s Rite waits to be read.  When you pick up Red Eagle’s Sword, you will receive the quest to unlock Red Eagle’s secret.

Sundered Towers is one of the possible locations for Logroff if you do the quest The House of Horrors.

The forsworn encampment holds a blacksmith workshop and an alchemy table.  In the alchemy tent is the skill book: Reality and Other Falsehoods.

Inside of the towers you will also face off against a multitude of forsworn.  In order to gain access to the eastern tower, you will need to kill the forsworn waiting for you in Red Eagle Redoubt.

You need to get your hands on Red Eagle’s Sword if you want to complete the side quest, but otherwise Sundered Towers is not required in Skyrim.  Most players find that finishing the quest for Red Eagle’s Sword is not really worth it as the reward isn’t particularly exciting, but it is cool for completeness if you are trying to explore everything.

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