Skyrim: Statue to Meridia

August 17, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

The easiest way to reach the Statue of Meridia is to go south from Solitude along the main road.  If you haven’t discovered Solitude, take a carriage and you will arrive at Katla’s Farm.  From there just go south until you find a switchback of the road to your right that goes back up the mountain.  Off of this road you will find a path leading to the Statue of Meridia.

There isn’t much here except the statue itself.  If you have not found Meridia’s Beacon, there isn’t much to do here at all.  If you have the beacon, then you will be able to access Kilkreath Temple.  In order to get into the temple, you will need to have started the quest The Break of Dawn, which you get by opening any chest in the game after reaching level 14 and picking up Meridia’s Beacon.

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