Skyrim: Soljund’s Sinkhole

September 21, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

The easiest approach is by following the road from Old Hroldan. When you first come to Soljund’s Sinkhole, you will be approached by Perth who will warn you not to go into the mine and this will trigger a new quest for you to clear the mine.  Clear the mine and then talk to Perth to finish the quest and get some gold.

Miner’s House: not much of interest in here, but you can steal some stuff if you like.

There is also a smelter here to use to smelt the ore you will find in the mine.

Interior of the sinkhole:

Enter facing north.  You will quickly have the option of going west or east.

West: The tunnel leads to an area with 2 moonstone ore veins.  Here are also 2 draugr, one on the ground level and one on the scaffold above you.  Take a ramp up here to get to the draugr and to find the skill book: Jornibret’s Last Dance (Light Armor).  Then head back east.

East: The tunnel turns north and up to take you to the sinkhole.  From here you have to jump down into the hole to continue.

3 draugr wake up at the bottom of the hole.  Exit to the north into a tunnel that winds around to a room with a draugr, a closed grate, and a lever in the middle of the room.  This lever is a decoy that sets off a trap.  In order to open the grate you need to pull the two levers on each side of the room.

Take the grate to a passage that leads north and up some stairs.  Watch out for the pressure plate in the tunnel.  Open the door at the end of the tunnel to a room with a pool. 3 draugr are here.  This room also has a dead draugr on an altar with some alchemical ingredients.  Exit through a door to the west.

Watch out for the pressure plate just beyond the door.  Then take the stairs up.  Here you can go west or south.  West takes you through a winding tunnel to a room with a chest.  South goes into a tunnel that eventually emerges into a large burial chamber.  A draugr scourge lord is here and the 2 pillars behind his tomb shoot spells at you.  Loot the chest and items on the altar.  There is also a moonstone ore vein here to mine.

To continue take a ramp up to the south.  this will take you past an altar with more loot on it.  Continue around to the east until you come to a ledge overlooking the sinkhole.  From here you can just head back to the entrance.

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