Skyrim: Solitude

January 10, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

When you first enter Solitude, an execution will be taking place, and that is what people will be interested in talking about.

Castle Fletcher: 

There is a skill book: Gold Ribbon of Merit

The Winking Skeever

Belrand runs the place.

Gulum-Ei – you may have to deal with him for a Thieves’ Guild quest.  On completion he will become a fence for you.

There are several ingredients and potions to loot here if you want.

Castle Dour

Enter and take a left (north) and go downstairs to the barracks area.  On a table near the south wall, close to the stairs is the skill book: The Rear-Guard (Light Armor).  Here you can find a lot of imperial equipment to steal if you wish.  Feel free to explore the castle and listen in on the conversations outlining the concerns and plans of the imperial forces.

Angeline’s Aromatics

Note that there is a minor bug here where Angeline will be called Angela in the subtitles for the little task she asks of you.  She will ask you if you have been to Whiterun and then explain that she is looking for news of her daughter.  She will ask you to talk to Captain Aldis.  He can be found in the courtyard of Castle Dour.  Talk to him and then return to Angeline with the news.

Radiant Raiment:

The twins Taarie and Endarie run this place so, don’t be surprised if you can’t tell which is which.  You will be asked to wear their fine clothes to the blue palace to get the jarl’s opinion.  Do so, and then report back.

The business ledger is upstairs in the bedroom to the north.

Solitude Blacksmith:

Inside you will find Heimvar working.  The strongbox and business ledger are upstairs.  Also upstairs on a shelf next to a skull is the skill book: The Refugees (Light Armor).

Bits and Pieces:

Sayma is the owner/operator of this general goods store.

Kayd is the son of Sayma

There are a lot of things to steal here if you are interested.  The business ledger and strong box is upstairs and through the first door to the west.

Bard’s College:

Viarmo: You can request to join the bard’s college and be given the job of investigating Dead Man’s Respite.

Girand Germane: Will accept the book that Adonato Leotelli in Windhelm will ask you to deliver to the bard’s college.  He will also train you in Speech.

Jala’s House

This house has storage and bedroom downstairs and another bed upstairs.  As you enter, look to your left and see skill book: Song of Hrormir (Two-Handed) on the ground next to a kettle.

Other People:

Noster – a beggar

Jaree-Ra – a criminal who will invite you to participate in his schemes.

Addvar, Jala, Evette San – food traders

Dervenin the Mad – talk to him to start the quest: The Mind of Madness

Other locations:

Thalmor Headquarters

Temple of the Divines

Hall of the Dead

Proudspire Manor – you can purchase this once you become Thane

Vittoria Vici’s House

Addvar’s House

Evette San’s House

Erikur’s House

Blue Palace:

Jarl Elisif the Fair

Falk Firebeard – Steward.  He will start you on the quest: The Man Who Cried Wolf to investigate Wolfkull Cave.

Bolgeir Bearclaw

Sybille Stentor – court wizard.  She sells spells.  She is also a trainer in Destruction.


Erdi – maid.  Talk to her to get the key to the Pelagia Wing

Una – maid.  Talk to her to get the key to the Pelagia Wing

In the Jarl’s room you can find an Unusual Gem as well as the skill book: Biography of the Wolf Queen.

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