Skyrim: Skill Books

Skill Book Location Skill
Light Armor Forging Embershard Mine Smithing
Thief Bleak Falls Barrow Pickpocket
Armorer’s Challenge Bilegulch Mine Smithing
Beggar Ironback Hideout Pickpocket
Beggar Riften, The Ratway Pickpocket
Guide to Better Thieving Falkreath, Jarl’s Longhouse Pickpocket
Death Blow of Abernanit Falkreath, Jarl’s Longhouse Block
Biography of the Wolf Queen Solitude, Blue Palace Speech
Surfeit of Thieves Riften, Mistveil Keep Lockpicking
Daughter of the Niben Markarth, Understone Keep Alteration
The Warrior’s Charge Markarth, Understone Keep Conjuration
A Dance in Fire, V7 Markarth, Arnleif and Sons Trading Company Speech
Reality and Other Falsehoods Sundered Towers, Outside Alteration
De Rerum Dirennis Clear Pine Pond Alchemy
Markmanship Lesson Cliffside Retreat Archery
Withershins Harmugstahl Restoration
The Knights of the Nine North of the Tower Stone
Words and Philosophy Southwest of the Tower Stone at Shrine of Talos Two-Handed