Skyrim: Shriekwind Bastion

January 13, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter from either South Shriekwind Bastion or North Shriekwind Bastion, and go straight ahead to a pull chain.  The door opens into a corridor with the option of turning west to some stairs up or continuing south and down.


Continuing south will enter a corridor that turns east and down to a room guarded by a vampire’s thrall.  Exit this room and turn south.  Eventually you will come a large room with a ledge that goes east.  A skeleton guards this room.  The ledge lead to a hallway on the east.  Be careful of the pressure plates in the hall, and skeleton who guards here.


Eventually the passage turns south and ends at a grate controlled by a pull chain.  Pull the chain and enter a room with three levers on a stone slab.  The levers operate a secret door to the east, a secret door to the west, and a grate to the south.  The grate in the west wall is operated by a pull chain in the room to the south.  This room is guarded by skeletons.  The secret doors in the east and west walls are dead ends.  You will find 3 pull chains in the room to the south.  The chain on the left operates the grate by which you entered the room with the levers.  The middle chain operates the grate in this room, and the one on the right opens the grate to the west that could not previously be opened.


Head west to a room with a bloodstained altar and a chest.


Exit west to an iron door that opens back into the wide circular room you were in before, only now you are on a lower ledge.  At the bottom of the room is a pit.  Exit west.


To the west is a hallway guarded by skeletons.  The hall turns south and down, past some skeletons and around to a room with another altar.  The dead bandit on the floor is fodder for the hiding vampire to raise before attacking.


Exit through a locked door to the north.  The door opens into a corridor heading north.  A doorway immediately to the left contains a chest.  Follow the path to the north to a door that leads out to North Shriekwind Bastion.


North Shriekwind Bastion is little more than an entrance into Shriekwind Bastion.

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