Skyrim: Shor’s Stone

October 10, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Shor’s stone is a  little town in the Rift and is home to an ebony mine.  You may find a smithy and 3 pieces of ebony ore.  In addition you can find the entrance to Redbelly Mine.

Like most of the small towns in Skyrim, Shor’s Stone can be safely skipped without huge consequence to the overall experience, but if you are looking to be complete, then you won’t want to miss Shor’s Stone.  Plus you can complete the delivery quests quickly and easily for some quick cash early in the game.


Filnjar’s House (smithy)

Filnjar is the destination for a small delivery job from Elgrim’s Elixer’s in Riften. Filnar is also a marriage prospect if you can get on his good side.

Odfel’s House

Sylga’s House

Sylga will have a letter for her parents that she will ask you to deliver, and if you do she will become eligible to marry.

The guards in Shor’s Stone will discourage you from entering Redbelly Mine, but Filnjar will ask you to check it out. If you do he will give you a reward. Be cautious, the mine is infested by frostbite spiders.

You can sell any ore that you mine to Grogmar gro-Burzog if you wish.

Just down the road from Shor’s Stone you can find Shor’s Watchtower.

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