Skyrim: Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt

September 30, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt is another Forsworn stronghold in the area surrounding Markarth.  Work your way up the mountain and fight 4 forsworn.  you can find a locked chest to loot inside a tent northeast of the forge.  head south from the campfire and then go up some stairs to find another site with 2 more forsworn.  Inside the east tent is a note and a large chest.  From here take stairs up to the northwest and then down to the door to Serpent’s Bluff Ruins.

Serpent’s Bluff Ruins:

Enter facing northwest.  The tunnel immediately turns to the right.  The tunnel winds down to join a larger corridor.  Avoid the pressure plate at the bottom of the steps.  The corridor is also trapped with a tripwire and a second pressure plate.  A forsworn is on guard at the end of the corridor.

The corridor ends at a door, and to your right you can look through some bars to see what is in the room below.  Open the door to the southeast.

The door opens into a passage that winds down and around into the room you saw through the bars.  Watch out for the pressure plate in the hallway.  This room has a pair of forsworn and a hagraven.  The room is split level.  The bottom has an altar and a locked door.  The top has a pedestal with a spell book and a locked grate.

The locked door on top leads to a room with a locked chest and some loose items

Open the grate by placing something on the pressure plate on top of the altar down below.  Beyond the grate you can enter a passage.  The passage quickly splits with options to go northwest (left) or northeast (right).

Northeast (right): This leads to a room with an arcane enchanter and a large chest.  In the chest is Hjalti’s sword.  On the enchanter is the skill book: Twin Secrets (enchanting).

Northwest (left).  This leads to a tunnel that takes you to an exit to Skyrim.

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