Skyrim: Riverwood

December 22, 2014 - Skyrim / Video Games

Riverwood is the first town that you will come to, assuming you are following either Hadvar or Ralof.  It is the first town you come to before reaching Whiterun, the first city.

People to talk to:

Either Alvor the blacksmith or Gerdur the owner of the mill, depending on if you followed Hadvar or Ralof.  They will give you some items and point you to your next quest.

Either Sven or Faendal.  Both of them are in love with Camilla of the Riverwood Trader.  Either way, you will want to convince Camilla to ditch Sven.  Faendal will then agree to follow you if you wish.

Faendal:  Take him on as a follower if you wish.  He will train you in archery and you can get your money back.

Lucan Valerius: Runs the Riverwood Trader.  He will give you the Golden Claw Quest.

Camilla: Talk to her to deliver the note from either Sven or Faendal.  She will also show you the road to Bleak Falls Barrow if you ask.

Delphine: She doesn’t do anything immediately, but is a key figure in the main Dragonborn quest line.

People Locations:

Alvor – At his smithy, in his house (first house on the left as you come into town), or the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Gerdur – in a clearing next to the saw mill (turn left immediately as you come into town, cross the wood bridge, and then turn right to go behind the mill), or in her house.

Faendal – working at or behind the mill, or in his house (behind the Riverwood Trader)

Sven – In the main street, or at the Sleeping Giant Inn

Camilla – At the Riverwood Trader

Delphine – At the Sleeping Giant Inn

Orgnar– At the Sleeping Giant Inn

All other characters not mentioned are unimportant for the game progress.

Enchanting, Smithing, Alchemy:

Enchanting – not available

Smithing – Alvor has a smithy, but there is no smelter

Alchemy – Sleeping Giant Inn, in the common room.  Orgnar the innkeeper sells ingredients.

 Skill Trainers:

Faendal – Archery.  Also a follower.

 Things to be aware of:

  • It is possible for Faendal or Sven to be killed before you reach Riverwood, in which case the quest to deliver a letter to Camilla will never happen. There is no solution to this problem.
  • Breaking the law in Riverwood before you talk to the jarl in Whiterun can be problematic because the local population will not stop attacking you because there is nobody there to arrest you, so be careful.

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