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When you first enter Riften the guards will attempt to extort money from you.  Simply refuse and tell them that it is “obviously a shakedown.”

Maul will greet you when you come close to him.  He provides some information before heading out to the docks and guarding the warehouse.

Shaddr and Sapphire are having an argument outside of the Bee and the Barb.  Sapphire is trying to collect a debt from Shaddr.  If you talk to Shaddr he will ask you to help him with his debt.  Talk to Sapphire, and if your Speech is high enough she will forgive your debt, otherwise you will need to pay it off yourself.

Wujeeta: can be found wandering town or working on the docks near the fishery.  Talk to her and she will ask for a healing potion to cure her addiction to skooma.  Talk to her again to find out where she gets her skooma and convince her to tell you.  She will tell you she gets it from Sarthis Idren at the Riften Warehouse but you need to get the key from the jarl.

Riften leads to several areas that are distinct, including:

The Ratway

Riften Stables

Mistveil Keep

Brynjolf is the speaker for the thieves guild and he will approach you and ask you to help him frame Branshei.  After planting the ring (or getting caught trying), he will invite you to go through The Ratway and join him at The Ragged Flagon.

The Scorched Hammer

The is the Riften blacksmith.  Balimund operates the place and will buy and sell equipment.  He is also a trainer in smithing.

Inside the house, in the north bedroom you can find the skill book: The Armorer’s Challenge (smithing) tucked in between the dresser and the safe.

Downstairs you can find the strongbox and business ledger.  There are also several iron and steel ingots here you can loot if you choose.

Honorhall Orphanage

Grelod the Kind – She will lecture the kids and threaten to beat them.  Kill her if you wish to please Aventus Arentino and complete the quest: Innocence Lost so you can join the Dark Brotherhood.

Constance Michel – After you kill Grelod the Kind, if you have the Hearthfire DLC installed, you will receive a letter from a courier informing you that you can now adopt children at the orphanage from her.

The Bee and Barb:

Saphire: can be found at the Bee and Barb.  If your speech skill is high enough you can persuade her to forgive Shadr’s debt.

Brynjolf: he can be found here if it is night and you have not started the quest: A Chance Arrangement.

Maramol – a priest of Mara.  He will explain how marriage works in Skyrim.  After you talk to him, he will be found in the temple of Mara.

Marcurio – a mercenary you can hire for 500 gold.  He specializes in magic.

Louis Letrush – he will give the quest: Promises to Keep, and ask you to talk to Sibbi Black-Briar in the Riften Jail.

Keerava – the innkeeper.  She will sell food and give out rumors.

Talen Jei – works for Keerava and will ask you to find Flawless Amethysts for his wedding with Keerava.

Maven Black Briar

Hemming Black Briar

Market Area

Grelka – sells weapons and armor.  She may be found in the marketplace, The Bee and the Barb, or Haelga’s Bunkhouse.

Snilf – a beggar

Edda – another beggar

Brand-Shei is a general goods dealer, although if you successfully complete the quest: A Chance Arrangement, he will be in the Riften Jail and will no longer sell you any goods.  If you want to keep him as a shopkeeper, simply get caught during the quest.  The quest will still complete and you can still join the Thieves Guild, but he won’t go to jail.

Balimund – the blacksmith.  He will ask you to bring him 10 fire salts.

Marise Aravel – she sells food from her little cart.  Talk to her and she will ask you to find 5 Ice Wraith Teeth for her.


Bolli’s House:

Bolli: will ask you to deliver a purchase agreement to Windhelm.  He may be found in the Bee and the Barb or he may be wandering around town.


Aerin’s House

Mjoll the Lioness – an adventurer.  If you find Grimsever, her sword, she will become a follower.

Aerin – her manservant

Snow-Shod Manor

Asgeir Snow-Shod

Vulwulf Snow-Shod

Nura Snow-Shod

If these people aren’t over at the Bee and Barb, they will be here.

Haelga’s Bunkhouse

Haelga – the owner.  She is one of the targets for the quest: Taking Care of Buisness.

Svana Far-Shield – she is employed by Haelga, and hates it.  Talk to her and she will ask you to steal Halga’s Marks of Dibella from the men she has slept with.  Bolli, Hofgrir and Indaryn have the marks.  Pickpocket them each and then confront Haelga.

Upstairs you can find the skill book: Beggar (Pickpocket).

The Pawned Prawn

Bersi Honey-Hand – the shop owner, and one of the targets for the quest: Taking Care of Business

Drifa – Bersi’s wife.

Riften Jail

Sibbi Black-Briar is in jail for murder.  Talk to him to continue to help Louis Letrush for the quest Promises to Keep.

Threki the Innocent – another prisoner

Brand-Shei may be here if you have completed the quest: A Chance Arrangement successfully.

Hall of the Dead

Alessandra runs the place.  She will ask you to take her dagger to Andurs in Whiterun (the Hall of the Dead).  You can also use the shrine of Arkay here.

Elgrim’s Elixer’s

This is the alchemy shop.  You can talk to Hafjorg to get a delivery job to Shor’s Stone.  Also, you can generally find Ingun Blackbriar here, and she will give you the quest Few and Far Between, which is to find 20 Nightshade, 20 Deathbell, and 20 Nirnroot, all of which can be used to craft poisons.

Beggar’s Row

This is where the beggars and Madesi live at night.  You can find the skill book: A Dance in Fire, v7 in the northeast alcove under a red fern.

Riftweald Manor

This is where Mercer Frey lives.  You can’t get in unless you have made significant progress in the Thieve’s Guild quest line.

Black-Briar manor

This is where the Black-Briar’s hang out, assuming, of course, that they aren’t over at The Bee and Barb.

There is plenty to steal here, but no unique or special items.

Other locations:

Marise Aravel’s House

Valindor’s House

Romlyn Dreth’s House

Riften Fishery

Black-Briar Meadery

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