Skyrim: Riften Stables

October 6, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Located outside of Riften, these stables are similar to other stables in Skyrim.


Hafgeir Horse Crusher.  You have the option of brawling with Hafgeir, and if you win you will be able to use his horses for free.  Otherwise you can simply purchase one from him.


Shaddr will be here if you have already talked to him about his problem with Sapphire.  Otherwise he sits on a bench outside the Bee and the Barb.  Once you complete his task with Sapphire you can take horses for free from the stables.


If you are looking for a quick horse early in the game, this is the easiest way to get one. You can complete the task with Shaddr quickly and easily. Simply donate a single septim to a beggar to get the boost to speech. Then talk to Shaddr and to Sapphire. You will get a free potion of invisibility and a free horse (okay, it isn’t free, it costs 1 septim).

Inside Riften Stables there are some minor things to loot if you wish, and you may be sent here to change the ledger for the Theive’s Guild.

Outside of the stables you can find a few barrels with foodstuffs. Next to the stables is a Khajiit camp.

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