Skyrim: Red Eagle Redoubt

September 17, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Red Eagle Redoubt is where you want to start if you are working on the quest for Red Eagle’s Sword.  It is possible you will just stumble on Red Eagle redoubt while exploring Skyrim.  You don’t have to have started the quest before you get here, but if you continue through to Sundered Towers, you will start the quest anyway.  There are 3 forsworn outside, and you can find an iron ore vein outside to mine if you wish.

Like many other dungeons, Red Eagle Redoubt can be completed just by following the path in front of you.  You don’t need to worry about anything too tricky or getting lost, but you can sill the complete walkthrough below.

Interior:  Enter a tunnel facing east and going down.  The tunnel winds around to a tripwire between you and a pool of oil.  Tripping the wire will ignite the oil.  2 forsworn guard this area.  To the west is an iron ore vein.  Exit this area to the northeast.

This tunnel leads up to some stairs and then opens into a large cavern.  Forsworn guard here.  Watch out for the falling rock trap, as you are downhill and the rocks will keep rolling for a long distance.  Take the stairs up to an altar, fighting forsworn as you go.  To the northeast is a chest beneath the wooden stairs that go up.

Take the stairs up and wind around into a new passage.  this passage winds around to a door to the upper exterior of Red Eagle Redoubt.

You will emerge near a campfire at the base of a large staircase.  Fight forsworn as you climb the stairs.  Find a chest by turning south immediately after climbing the first set of stairs.  Continue up, fighting forsworn as you go.  Eventually you will emerge into a camp with a smithy, practice area and tents.  Near the smithy is a chest to loot.  Go southwest from the smithy to a tent with an alchemy lab and a forsworn mage.  In this tent on top of a barrel is the skill book: Reality and other Falsehoods (Alteration).

Continue north to find more steps and more forsworn.  At the top fight a forsworn briarheart who has Read Eagle’s Fury, a special sword that you need to enter Rebel’s Cairn. He also has the Red Eagle Tower key.  In his tent is a large chest.  The key unlocks the door to the tower to the east, which gives you access to Sundered Towers.  It is possible to enter Red Eagle Redoubt from Sundered Towers, in which case you will go through everything in reverse order.

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