Skyrim: Rannveig’s Fast

October 3, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Welcome to Rannveig’s Fast!  You can find it west of Drela’s Cottage in Whiterun Hold.   It might be easier to reach if you go north from Swindler’s Den instead. Watch out for the ghost patrolling the exterior.


Enter an enormous chamber.  There isn’t much here, so continue north.  The passage winds around and you will have to face a ghost before entering another large cavern.

This cavern is guarded by another ghost.  The large chest to the east is empty, but you can get a word for the shout: Kyne’s Peace from the word wall.  Watch out for the trap door in front of the word wall and chest.  The trap door in front of the word wall drops into a pit.  You can exit this room to the north.

You will run into a lowered grate.  To open this grate you have to turn right and go up a passage to a room with a lever along the east wall.  If you want, you can continue beyond this room by crossing a stone bridge.  If you do, eventually you will fight another ghost in a room with a chest.

Go back and go through the grate.  You will enter a tunnel going north and down.  Kill the ghost and continue. the lever you see lowers the grate you just went through, so you can just ignore it.

Eventually you will emerge into a room with a cage and the warlock, Sild.  Sild has made Rannveig’s Fast his base of operations.  If you fell into the pit trap, you will be here inside the cage. To get out of the cage you have the talk your way out or pick Sild’s pocket.

Kill Sild.  Along the south wall you can find a table with an unusual gem for the quest No Stone Unturned, the skill book: Horrors of Castle Xyr (destruction), and Sild’s journal.  Next to the table is a chest to loot.

To exit Rannveig’s Fast, go back to the corridor to the east and find a door to the south.  Open the door to some stairs.  Kill the ghost on the stairs.  Then find a door that opens up to more stairs.  You will come to an area with 2 doors.  The north door goes to a dead end.  The south door goes to a treasure room and another door.  This door opens to Skyrim.

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