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Approach carefully because draugr patrol the steps leading up to this temple.  The 2 draugr can be dispatched fairly easily if you are careful.  At the top of the stairs you can enter Ragnvald Temple.

Ragnvald Temple:

Enter a wide chamber facing west.  On an altar is a dead draugr with a potion you can snag.  Proceed west to a landing with another dead draugr, and then continue along this tunnel to the east.  Eventually you will wind down to a landing with options to go north or south.  To the south is a dead end, but there is a chest here to loot.

Now continue north and then take a quick turn to the west.  Follow the hall down and around until you reach a large split-level room.  Draugr patrol both the upper and lower levels of this room.  You will emerge at the eastern end of this chamber on the upper level.  The lower level is divided into two main section, east and west.  In the western portion is the tomb of the Dragon Priest Otar, but you can’t wake him up yet.

From the eastern portion of the lower level you can find a little side passage trapped with swinging blades in the northeastern corner.  The short passage leads to a treasure chest and  draugr will emerge from its tomb.  You can deactivate the trap with a lever here.  In the southeastern corner is a chest and a potion.

In the western portion of the lower level you can find a chest along the north wall.  You can also find a door in the north wall leading to Ragnvald Canal.

In the upper portion of the room, to the south is a door to Ragnvald Crypts, and nearby is a door barred from the other side.  To the north is a door barred from the other side.

At this point there is nothing left to explore in the temple proper, so you need to choose either the crypts or the canal as you cannot pass the raised spear gate at the far western end of the room.

Ragnvald Canal

Enter facing north.    You will emerge onto a ledge overlooking the canal.  As you round the corner to the west you will see draugr on patrol.  The canal forms a series of corners, but you can go into a chamber to the west and find a chest.  You can also find a trapped door to the south, next to a lever that lowers a wooden bridge.  Beyond this door is a treasure room with a large chest.

Lower the bridge and then follow the canal around to the south where you will enter a passageway.  This passage winds around until you find another large split-level room.  In the center of the upper level is a pedestal with Torsten’s Skull Key.  Grab the key and fight Guardian Torsten and his minions.  You can loot a chest near Torsten’s coffin.  Exit this area by taking a tunnel in the east wall of the upper portion.

The tunnel takes up to a higher portion of the same room.  You will emerge onto a little platform with options to go west or north.  To the west is a little alcove with a chest.  Go north and avoid the pressure plate so you don’t trigger the swinging blades (shut off by a lever at the end of the hall).  Then wind your way out onto a bridge crossing the canal area.  You will pass an arcane enchanter to your right and a chest to your left.  Continue along this path until you reach the door to Ragnvald Temple.

Ragnvald Crypts:

Enter the crypts facing south in a passage leading down to a ledge overlooking a chamber.  From here you can see two archways leading into passages to the south.  A draugr patrols the west passage, and may surprise you as you take the potions from the altar to the west.

Take the western passage because the eastern passage is full of traps.  Either way you will emerge into a burial area with the only option to go east.  Be prepared for 4 draugr to wake up as you proceed.

Continue along the winding passage until you come to a split-level room with draugr on both the upper and lower levels.  At the northern end of the lower level is a trapped chest, and on a shelf behind the chest is the skill book: Mystery of Talara, V2 (Restoration).  Your only option at this point is to go through the opening to the east to find the stairs leading to the upper level.

From the upper level you have the option of going east or west.  The western passage takes you back to the temple, so you should go east at this point.

To the east is a large chamber with a pedestal in the middle. On the pedestal is Saerek’s Skull Key.  Guess what happens when you take the key.  That’s right, draugr pop out all over the place, including Guardian Saerek.  You can loot the chest on the dais to the east before or after you take the key.

Now head back to the temple.  If you haven’t cleared the canal, do so now.

Ragnvald Temple Revisited:

Now that you have the two skull keys, you are ready to wake up Otar.  Otar is a difficult dragonpriest, but you can handle him if you have gotten this far.  Go back to the central chamber and up the dais to Otar’s Tomb.  Activate each slot, and be ready for a fight.  Otar the mad will pop out and start hitting you with lightning attacks.  From his ashes you can grab the Dragonpriest mask Otar, which grants 30% resistance to fire, frost, and shock.

The spear gate to the west is now down so you can go ahead and loot the chest beyond.  Follow the corridor around to the south to visit the word wall for the shout: Kyne’s Peace.

To get out, backtrack to the entrance.

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