Skyrim Quest: Pieces of the Past

May 2, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Once you reach level 20, you will receive a pamphlet inviting you to visit the museum in Dawnstar.   This is the beginning of Pieces of the Past.  You can’t start the quest until you get the pamphlet.  Go to Dawnstar and talk to Silus Vesuvius.  He will ask you to help him put together Mehrune’s Razor.

To do this you need to gather the pommel, the hilt and the shards.

The pommel is found in Dead Crone Rock, and will probably take the longest.  Go there, clear out the bad guys and get the pommel.

The shards are found at Cracked Tusk Keep – a relatively short dungeon crawl.

The hilt is found in Morthal.  Talk to Jorgen.  He will pretend he doesn’t have it, but you can badger him into giving it up, or you can just go to his house and steal it from the chest inside.

Take the pieces back to Silus Vesuvius and he will take you up to the shrine to Mehrunes Dagon.  Once there Mehrunes Dagon will tell you to kill Silus Vesuvius.  Silus will plead for his life and offer you money.  You can choose to kill him or not.  If you let him live then you get to fight a couple of dremora.  If you kill him you still get to fight the dremora, but you also get to keep Mehrunes Razor, which is a pretty cool dagger.  Mehrunes Razor has a small chance to instantly kill anything it hits, so be careful who you give it to.  It is possible for your follower to accidentally kill you with it.

Congrats, you have completed Pieces of the Past.

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