Skyrim Quest: Ill Met By Moonlight

October 5, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Ill Met by Moonlight begins when you talk to Mathies in Falkreath and ask him about the little girl that was killed.  He will direct you to Sinding, who is currently in the Falkreath Jail – which you can access through the Falkreath Barracks.

Talk to Sinding and offer to take his ring to Hircine.  He will tell you that you need to kill a great beast (the white stag).  When you finish talking to him Sindig will turn into a werewolf and climb out of his prison cell.

You can find the white stag east of Falkreath.  Just take the eastern road from Falkreath and follow your quest marker.  It’s pretty hard to get lost on this quest.

The white stag behaves just like any other deer, so approach with caution.  Ranged weapons are best, of course.  Otherwise you may have a long chase on your hands.  Once you kill the white stag, its spirit will appear as the Aspect of Hircine.  Hircine will direct you to Bloated Man’s grotto to kill Sindig.

Go to Bloated Man’s Grotto where a group of Hircine’s hunters is chasing Sindig.  Work your way through the grotto and help the hunters to kill Sindig.  Be careful on higher difficulties because Sindig can be quite challenging.

Once you have killed Sindig, then you have the option of tearing the skin from is body or not.  If you choose to remove the skin, then you will be granted the Daedric artifact Savior’s Hide, which is a good light armor available early in the game.  Otherwise you will get the uncursed Ring of Hircine, which allows you one more beast change each day if you wish to be a werewolf.

If you want to exploit the game, don’t take the hide and leave.  Then go back and take the hide and exit again.  In this way you can get both items. Like all exploits in all video games, be sure to save ahead of time in case something goes wrong.

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