Skyrim Quest: House of Horrors

January 21, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

In Markarth you will find Vigilant Tyranus standing outside a house.  When you approach he will ask you if you have any information.  Offer to help him.


Follow Vigilant Tyranus into the house.  When you reach a locked door, he will ask you to open it.  When you do the house will suddenly turn even darker and more strange and a voice will tell you to kill Vigilant Tyranus.  After you do, you can go through the door and into the cellar.  Go through the cellar until you find a passage underground.  Take the passage to the end and you will find an altar.  Molag Bal will ask you to bring him the priest of Boethiah.


Find Logroff and free him.  He will then return to the shrine beneath the house of horrors.


Go back to the house of horrors and follow Logroff into the basement to the altar.


Molag Bal will then trap Logroff and give you his mace to beat the priest with.  If you are looking for exploits, here is an opportunity to level one handed by healing Logroff and the repeatedly beating him.


Eventually the priest will submit, at which point Molag Bal will ask you to kill the priest.  Then the Deadric prince will talk to you, and you get to keep his mace, the unique Mace of Molag Bal.

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