Skyrim Quest: The Black Star

May 3, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You get The Black Star quest by visiting the Shrine of Azura, south of Winterhold.  You may hear an innkeeper mention that you should visit this place.

Once there you will meet Aranea Lenith, the priestess of Azura.  She will tell you that she had a vision of you and an elf wizard whom you need to find.  She is referring to Nelecar who resides in the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.

Go to the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold and talk to Nelecar.  He will tell you about Azura’s Star which has been used by a powerful necromancer Malyn Varen, and indicates that you should go and find him and/or the star in Inalta’s Deep.

Travel to Inalta’s Deep, kill the mages and grab the star.  Here you have two options.  Either take the star to Aranea Lenith, or take it to Nelecar.

If you take the star to Aranea then Azura will tell you that Malyn Varen is inside and has to be cleared out.  She sends you into the star and you have to hunt down Malyn Varen and kill him.  If you do this you will be rewarded with Azura’s Star.

Or return to Nelecar who will inform you that Malyn Varen is inside the star and that you need to go in after him.  He will send you in and you get to hunt down the necromancer and kill him.  As a reward you get to keep the Black Star.

The Black Star is strictly more powerful because it can trap the souls of humans (black souls), whereas Azura’s Star can’t.

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