Skyrim: Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary

January 7, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

The Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary opens from Pinewatch into a wide passage that leads into a storeroom guarded by three bandits.  Aside from various barrels and sacks, there are two locked chests in the storeroom.  Exit by climbing the ramp on the west wall which leads down a tunnel to the west.  This is a continuation of the Pinewatch walkthrough.

There are some cages to your right where the tunnel opens into a cavern.  Turn south and deal with the bandit on patrol near some dead draugr.   Exit the cavern east and find five bandits in a large living chamber.  This room is divided in two by a set of shelves in the middle, but all five bandits will probably activate at once.  This can be a difficult fight if you don’t plan ahead.  Various notes can be found around explaining the bandit business.

A trail of gold coins leads you through the exit west.  Turn north to a locked door.  Open it and head west across bridges with different pressure plates that trigger a variety of malicious traps.  Continue along the trapped path, there aren’t really any side passages, until you come to the treasure room.  Here you will find an altar with treasure piled on top.  However there is also a pressure plate in front of the altar that activates a spear trap.  This can be avoided by walking around to the other side of the altar.

Here you will find a pair of silver candlesticks, a chest, and the quest item: Curious Silver Mold.

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