Skyrim: Pinemoon Cave

August 24, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You will notice a few logs that have been sawn into benches outside of Pinemoon Cave.  You can find the cave near Clearpine Pond south of the Statue to Meridia.  Pinemoon Cave is a vampire lair.  Although it is not tied directly to any of the main quests or factional quests, you might be sent here as a random task for someone.  Like all vampire lairs, it is dangerous, and you should probably come prepared with potions of cure disease unless you are intentionally trying to contract vampirism.

You will enter a tunnel going north and down into the cave.

The howling of wolves should alert you to the presence of the 2 wolves you will face in the first cavern you come to.  Aside from a whole lot of fly aminata in this room, there isn’t much else of value.  The exit is through a tunnel to the north.

The tunnel winds around to a sort of improvised lecture hall or chapel where a master vampire administers to two other vampires.   Approach with caution.  Up near the lectern you will find a locked chest to loot.  Exit to the west.

This short tunnel leads to a sleeping area with a cage.  Here there is a large, unlocked chest to loot.  On the table next to the cage you can find the skill book: Incident at Necrom (Illusion).

Get out of the cave by retracing your steps to the entrance.

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