Skyrim: Northwatch Keep

August 21, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This is a Thalmor outpost on the northern fringes of Skyrim.  It is the most northwest point you can reach unless you have the Dawnguard DLC.  You will most likely come here after starting the side quest Missing in Action, which you can start in Whiterun by talking to Fraila Gray-Mane.  To get here, take the road that goes west from Solitude.

There are 7 guards outside patrolling the keeps ramparts and courtyard.  Outside on the grounds you can find where the guards camp, and there is a smithy nearby.  There are two entrances to Northwatch Keep, the main entrance and a side entrance that is locked (master).

Enter the main entrance.

The entrance is a little room with some food and wine stores.  A tunnel leads out of this room north and down.  Follow the tunnel until you find a room with another guard and a mage.  Kill them and loot the chest in this room.  To the north is a door.

The door opens to a tunnel that continues north and down.  This eventually connects to a wider corridor that turns east.  The corridor goes down, and a guard is patrolling at the bottom of the stairs.  Then the corridor turns and enters a dining/kitchen area where two more guards are waiting.  There is little treasure in this room, but on the shelf behind the bar, in the northeast corner you can find the skill book: 2920, Morningstar, v1 (One-Handed).  Exit this room to the north.

The tunnel turns east and then north before joining a larger corridor headed west.  The corridor ends at a large room with two levels.  A guard patrols the lower level and another watches from the upper level.  A door on the lower level leads to a living area where you can loot a knapsack.  You can also find the skill book: The Legendary Sacre Tor (Two-Handed) on a crate along the south wall.  The is the captain’s quarters, and the captain will have the Northwatch Captain’s Key, which will open the door to these quarters if it isn’t already opened when the Captain is alerted by the guards.  On the upper level you can find a chest to loot.  Exit through a tunnel in the southwest corner of the upper level.

Continue to a guard room in disrepair.  To the south is an interrogation room where the Northwatch Interrogator works.  You can take the Northwatch Keep key from his corpse.  There is a chest to loot in the interrogation chamber.  Exit this area through a door to the north.

The door opens into a jail with 2 guards.  The cells can be opened by levers in the southwest corner of the room.  At the north end of the room you can find stairs going up and east.  The stairs lead up to the side door that exits to Skyrim.  This door can be opened with the Northwatch Keep key.

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