Skyrim: Nightingale Hall

October 11, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Nightingale hall is south east of Riften.  This area cannot be entered until you start the quest Trinity Restored for the Thieve’s Guild.  Nightingal hall isn’t a traditional dungeon, and really all you need to do is follow Karliah around and go where she tells you to go.

You can pick up the skill book Purloined Shadows (Pickpocket) here as well as the skill book The Red Kitchen Reader (sneak).  This is also where you get the nightingale armor.  In fact you will be required to put it on in order to complete the Trinity Restored portion of the Thieves’ Guild quest.

Other than finishing the Trinity Restored quest, there isn’t a lot to do in Nightingale hall. You can settle here if you like after the quest. The bedroom area will become cleaned up and you will have access to a quiet place to sleep. If you have come here early in the game, then it might be a good place to set up base, but there are a lot of other housing options available.

Nightingale Hall is the home of Karliah once you finish the Thieves’ Guild quests, so if you want to talk to her you will have to come back here.

Once you finish Trinity Restored, the quest Blindsighted will begin, which will lead you into Inrkngthand and more shenanigans with Mercer Frey.

You will want to hang on to the nightingale equipment:

Nightingale Armor

Nightingale Boots

Nightingale Gloves

Nightingale Hood

Not only do these items provide great stats for any sneaky character, if you are wearing this equipment thieves along the roads will leave you alone. Many players appreciate the unique look of this armor, and it is often sought after for the unique ninja style alone. Whether you keep and use the equipment or not you will still be considered a nightingale.

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