Skyrim: Nightcaller Temple

August 7, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can only enter the first room of Nightcaller Temple after you begin the quest: Waking Nightmare. If you come here without Erandur, then you will basically be stuck outside with nothing to do, so go back to the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar and start the quest.  This is the only way to get the Daedric artifact the Skull of Corruption, so you will want to start the quest first.

Outside of the temple, you will have to deal with a trio of leveled animals.  These generally aren’t too difficult, except that you probably won’t see them right away because of the curve of the hill you are climbing.  Remember that there are three of them, so keep an eye out for a straggler.

When you come here with Erandur, he will open the door to the rest of the temple.

You will enter and find yourself on a winding circular staircase.  There are two orc invaders at the bottom of the stairs.  The way is blocked by a magical barrier.  Erandur will take you back up to the library, which is locked, but he has the key.

The library door opens into a hall facing east, but quickly turns north.  The passage opens into a stone footpath over the library.  The place is in ruins and can be a little difficult to navigate.  A Vaermina Devotee and an orc invader are asleep here but will wake up when you approach.

Erandur will go down into the library proper, but you can save yourself some time by taking a left turn here and staying at the top.  Make your way to the northeast corner and find the book: The Dreamstride on a pedestal.  Erandur will ask you to find it form him in a minute, and this just saves you a few minutes of random searching.

Down in the library you will face off with another orcish invader and 2 more devotees.  A door in the northeast wall opens to a locked treasure chest.  After you find the book for Erandur he will exit through a doorway to the northwest,

This passage leads to the laboratory.  Another invader and devotee are here.  Erandur will ask you to look for the Torpor.  You will find more devotees and invaders asleep here, but they will awake and attack.

The laboratory has 3 sections, an upper section, a middle section, and a lower section.

The upper section has little of interest.

The middle section has 3 alchemy labs, and Erandur will wait for you to bring him the Torpor here.  You can find ingredients in this area.  In the northeast corner of this section you can find the skill book: Mannimarco King of Worms (Alchemy) tucked away on a broken table behind a stone.

The lower section is where you will find the Torpor.  It is on a shelf on the northeast wall.  Tons of ingredients can be found here, including 2 Daedra Hearts.

Exit this area to the southeast.  This hall winds around to a gate that connects back up with the circular staircase you came in on.  Open the grate with a handle to the left of the doorway.

You have to drink the Torpor to continue.  Once you drink the Torpor you will be teleported to the room inner sanctum and have a discussion with Veren and Thorek.  You have to go to the top of the stairs and activate the miasma and then grab the soul gem to bring down the magical barrier.

Exit the sanctum east and then turn south to enter a room where invaders and devotees are fighting.  Take the doorway on your left (east) through a winding hallway, eventually coming to some steps going up.  Take these stairs and then turn right (west).  This turn can be confusing because with the dream effect going on you can’t really tell that there is a passage there.  This passage will emerge into a wide corridor.  Turn left and follow it around past more fighting.   The hall ends, but a side passage to your left continues up.  Take this turn to your left and follow it up.  Finally you will reach the pull chain to unleash the miasma.  Pull it to put everyone asleep.

Then turn around and grab the soul gem to turn off the magical barrier.

Once the barrier is down, you have to retrace your steps back to the inner sanctum, this time fighting the orcs and devotees who will wake up as you approach.

When you reach the inner sanctum, you will have to kill Veren and Thorek and then you can reach the skull of corruption.  You can either keep the artifact or destroy it, your choice.  There is no real effect on the game either way, but if you are on console and want to get the achievement for collecting the artifacts, then you have to kill Erandur and take it.

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