Skyrim: Markarth

January 20, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Markarth is a grand old city with many places to visit and a lot of people to talk to.  There are numerous opportunities for every adventurer.

Shops: The Hag’s Cure, Smithy outside, and in Understone Keep, Arnlief and Sons Trading Compnay

The first time you enter Markarth you will witness a brutal murder (Weylin will murder Margret), and then a note will be given to you by Eltrys.  If you read the note you will begin the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy.

Ghorza gra-Bagol – is the blacksmith in Markarth will ask you to find the book: The Last Scabbard of Akrash

Hag’s Cure:

Bothela  will ask you to deliver the Stallion’s Potion to Raerek in Understone Keep.  Making this delivery allows you to take things from the shop without stealing.

The shelf under the counter has the ledger and the skill book: Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim (Alchemy).

Muiri – an extra

Understone Keep:

Moth gro-Bagol – will ask you to bring him a Daedra heart in exchange for some armor.

Jarl’s room (southwest corner) you can find the skill book: The Warrior’s Charge

North of the Jarl’s audience room, on a table can be found the skill book: Daughter of the Niben.

In the westernmost room in the northwest corner of the keep, on a table can be found the key to Markarth Keep

Brother Verulus is outside the entrance to the Hall of the Dead.  Talk to him to get the key and investigate the hall of the dead.  Explore for a while and you will find Eola who will give you the quest The Taste of Death, and ask you to clear the draugr from Reachclif Cave.  In the hall of the dead, near the shrine of Arkay is Brother Verullus sleeping chamber, and the skill book: 2920, Rain’s Hand, v4 on a shelf above his bed.

In the southwest portion of the keep you can find the entrance to the hall of the dead, and you can find Calcelmo and his nephew Aicantar.  Calcelmo is the court wizard.  In their work area you can find an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab.

Thongvar Silver-Blood stands around near the entrance of the keep complaining.

Arnleif and Sons Trading Company:

Lisbet will ask you to retrieve a statuette for her.

On a table behind the shop counter is the skill book: A Dance in Fire, V7

If you head west past the Inn and Trading Company, you will find Vigilant Tyranus who is looking for information or help with a haunted house.  Talk to him to begin the quest: The House of Horrors.

The Haunted House:

Vigilant Tyranus will ask you to help him when you walk past.  This will begin the quest: House of Horrors.

There are 3 leveled chests upstairs.  Vigilant Tyranus will run past them, so be sure to go back and get the loot.

Silver-Blood Inn:

The business ledger and strong box are found in the bedroom in the southwest corner.  If you didn’t get the key to Margret’s Room from her body, you can get it under the counter.

Kleppr – the owner and operator.

Ogmund – a bard and trainer for Speech.

Cosnach – he will want to brawl with you and if you beat him he will be a follower.  This also allows you to take some things from the inn without stealing.

Kerha – has delivery for you to take to Calcelmo in Understone Keep.

Hroki – a maid

Vorstag – a mercenary for hire (500 gold).

Frabbi – is a waitress

Hreina – a maid

Treasury House


Betrid Silver-Blood

Nana Ildene.

You can go around the counter and unlock the gate to loot a chest and steal some silver ingots.  The skill book: Vernaccus and Bourlor (Archery) is on a stone pillar along he west wall next to an apple and a broom.  Beyond the locked door in the back you can find Thronar Silver-Blood.  There is a chest to loot here, and in the far back bedroom an unusual gem.

Guard Tower

Enter and wind your way down.  In the northeast corner of the north room you can find the skill book: Ice and Chitin (Light Armor).  In the same room, on a table along the south wall you can find the skill book: the Importance of Where (One-handed).

Cidha Mine:

You can find the skill book: Proper Lock Design (Lockpicking) on a shelf near the prisoner belongings chest.

Temple of Dibella

The temple is operated by Hamal, who will ask you to find their new Sybil for the temple in payment for desecrating the temple by entering the inner sanctum.  Senna, Anwen, and Orla all wander the temple and are eligible marriage partners once you find the Sybil for them.

The beggar Degaine will ask you to steal the statue of Dibella from the temple for him.

You can find the skill book: 29290, Sun’s Dawn, v2 (Illusion) on a bookshelf in the inner temple, together with many other books.

This is also where you will wake up after talking to Sam Guevenne to begin the Daedric quest A Night to Remember.  The priestesses will ask you to pick up the trash you left on the floor.  If you do, they will give you hints that will lead you either to Rorikstead or Whiterun, depending on your preference.

Nepo’s House

Nepos the Nose



Look around and you can find the skill book: Mystery of Talara, Part 4 in the far north bedroom on a low stone shelf on the west wall.

The Warrens

Here you will come if you are on the quest: The Forsworn Conspiracy

You can find Garvey, who is a trainer in Sneak.

You will also locate the quest item Weylin’s Note.

Other areas:

Ogmund’s House

Shrine of Talos

Smelter Overseer’s House

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