Skyrim: Lost Valley Redoubt

September 28, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Lost Valley Redoubt is a forsworn stronghold that can be difficult to approach because you have to work your way through deep ravines, following a winding path that gives advantage to anyone on the cliffs above.

The Forsworn will pelt you with ranged attacks and magic, so be prepared to either fight using archery and magic or sneak up on them.

Watch out for rock fall traps as you approach.  Be sure to check the dwellings to the northwest for chests.  There are several chests to loot along the way.  As you reach the top you will encounter more forsworn.  Near the top head north to find a smithy and some tents.  At this point you can go south through a stone arch and then take a left to an iron ore vein.  Continue then west up more stairs to a stone bridge across the river to Bard’s Leap Summit.  Head south from the jump off point to find the word wall for the shout: Fade, Become ethereal, and a pair of hagravens raising a briarheart.  You can also loot a large chest next to the word wall.

You can also go east from Lost Valley Redoubt to Cradle Stone Tower to complete exploring this area.

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