Skyrim: The Lord Stone

May 21, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

The Lord Stone is one of the standing stones in Skyrim.  Like all of the other standing stones, it grants you a unique power.  Remember, you can only have one stone power active at any time.

Power: Increase armor by 50, increase magic resistance by 25%

The great thing about the armor increase is that it doesn’t matter what type of armor you are wearing or if you are even wearing armor at all.  This means that if you are playing a mage character and have been taking a lot of damage, that the Lord Stone is a great way to boost your defenses.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to get the wards up, especially for spear traps and the like.

The easiest way to get to the Lord Stone is to first find the Hall of the Vigilant and the take the path up the mountain towards the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon past Dimhollow Crypt.  Turn to the left when you reach the stairs that lead up to the shrine.  Watch out, there will be a leveled animal (wolf, bear, or saber cat) out guarding the path.  By this time the Lord Stone should be visible on your map and fairly easy to find.

Three bandits have made the Lord Stone their base, and they will be hostile.  Of course they won’t be too difficult to deal with, although it is easy to lose track of the archer in the terrain.  Slay them and your access to the stone is clear.  At the bottom of the base of the platform holding the stone you can find an ore vein to mine if you are looking to collect ores for smithing.

For players playing on easier difficulties the extra defenses of the stone are probably not required but for those playing on Expert and above, this is one strategy for increasing your durability.  It is almost a must-have for playing on Legendary difficulty, unless you are taking advantage of other exploits.

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