Skyrim: Liar’s Retreat

August 29, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Liar’s Retreat is a cave just east of the Reach Stormcloak Camp.  It can be a little difficult to find because it is nestled in the wilderness, fairly far from any main road.

Unlike most other caves, Liar’s Retreat has a door.  Open the door into a passage facing northeast and heading down into a room full of falmer.  You will emerge on a ledge overlooking the room where 3 falmer are pillaging the place after having killed the bandits who were living here.

Exit this room to the west.  You will enter a wide corridor with three bedrrooms just across the hall.  One is behind a locked door where a bandit is hiding from the falmer.  The other living chamber has many dead bandits and  a falmer in it.  At the end of the hall a falmer is on patrol.  The most northeasterly of these rooms has the skill book: Biography of the Wolf Queen (Speech) perched on top of a shelf along the north wall.  In this room is also a locked chest.  Clear these two rooms before continuing to the end of the hall and turning to the southeast.

Here you will find the storage area that connects behind the bar.  Watch out for the falmer in here.

To the northeast you can find the hole and the tunnel where the falmer broke through.  Take this tunnel down to continue.

The tunnel emerges into the lair of a frostbite spider and then winds around to where a falmer has a hut.  Exit to the southeast in a tunnel encrusted with chaurus egg sacks.

This tunnel goes down and around until you reach a point where a falmer is perched on a ledge overlooking the tunnel.  You can find a corundum ore vein at the bottom of the ramp.  You will need to climb up the ledge (to your right) to reach the falmer and continue.

You will next come to a prison area where a falmer has two bandits captured.  He will open the gate and go in to torture them and you can sit back and watch the fight if you wish.  In any event the victor will attack you.  Exit this cave to the northeast.

Just as you exit you can mine a corundum ore vein if you choose.  As you continue you will emerge into a room with some dwemer machinery where 3 falmer and a chaurus live.  There is a chest to loot in this room.  In the middle of the room the falmer have sacrificed Rahd.  Next to him is the unique weapon: The Longhammer.

You have to backtrack your way out, and when you reach the initial dining hall, three bandits will have returned.  They are hostile.

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