Skyrim: Kolskeggr Mine

January 18, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Below the mine itself is Pavo’s House.  This house is locked, but can be opened with a key or picking.  The house is sparse with nothing of real interest inside.


Outside there are 2 forsworn on guard near the smelter.


1 Forsworn near entrance immediately inside.  Kill this forsworn and take the passage straight ahead that leads to a four way cross passage.  There are 5 forsworn who may be alerted here at the crossroads, so prepare for a fight.  To the left (south) the short passage leads to a gold vein.  To the right (north) the passage leads to 3 gold veins.


Continue ahead and the passage eventually turns north and leads to a large room with the forsworn camp and a series of bridges and little alcoves.  Along the south alcove you can find 5 gold veins.


Take the ramp up and head east through a new tunnel.  Just before the tunnel there is a gold vein in the east wall.  This passage eventually leads to a turn on the right (heading south) or to a pair of gold veins if you continue east.  Turn right (south) and follow the passage up where it enters a new split passage going east and west.  If you go east you will find two more gold veins.    Go west and the passage slopes downward.  On a table here you can find 2 gold ingots and 3 pieces of gold ore on a table.  Continue on and find a final gold vein on your right.  At the end of the tunnel is a hole in the ground that will drop you into the entrance passage.

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