Skyrim: Kilkreath Temple

August 18, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find the entrance to the temple at the base of the Statue to Meridia.  If you don’t have Meridi’as Beacon and haven’t activated the quest The Break of Dawn, then you won’t be able to enter the temple.  Enter facing south.  You will be in a wide tunnel going south and down.  As you journey through you will find many desecrated corpses.  Looting them provides a significant amount of gold.

Follow the tunnel as it winds around until you are going south again.  You will find a locked door on your left and a locked grate on your right.  Unlocking the door opens an alcove with a  lever to lift the grate.  Beyond the grate is a chest to loot.

Continue down the hall.  Eventually it will bring you to a large chamber with  raise walkways above you and the light of Meridia shining down onto a pedestal.  Activate the pedestal to control the light and open the door at the east end of the chamber.

Go through the door and down the next tunnel.  The tunnel opens into a wide room where 3 corrupted shades are on watch.  Here is another pedestal, which opens doors to the east and south when activated.  The door to the east is a dead end, so you have to go south.

Two more shades guard this passage.  You will come to a door, after which the passage continues.  Follow the passage until you come to a room with a chest.  Loot the chest and then exit to the east.

A short passage takes you to a room where you can see the beacon on a pedestal high up in the center of the room.  A shade is on patrol down here.  The beacon pedestal can be accessed either by climbing up the ramp along the south wall and then jumping across the gap, or by taking the ramp along the east wall and then fighting a shade to reach the foot bridge on the other side.  If you take this route you can stop to use an arcane enchanter if desired, and you can also pick the lock on a door (adept) to pull a lever to access a treasure chest.

In any event, you will exit this room to the south after activating the beacon.  This takes you to Kilkreath Balcony.

Kildreath Balcony

This is an area in Skyrim so you can fast travel from here.  Take a left and cross a foot bridge to a large chest.  Loot the chest if desired and then head up the stairs to the north to re-enter the ruins.

Now you are in a passage going up to the north.  The passage winds around and eventually comes out at the bottom of a room with a caged walkway up above you and the pedestal on a pillar in the middle of the room.  Three shades are on guard at the bottom.  Take a ramp up the east wall to reach the pedestal.  Once you trigger it, the light will bounce to another pedestal at the far end of the room.  After you have activated the pedestal, turn around and find the exit to the east.

This tunnel winds around to a room where another shade is on patrol.  A trapped door can be opened to access a chest.  You can also find another chest along the west wall of this room.  Exit this room to the north.

Beware the tripwire in this passage.  Pull the lever at the end of the passage.

You can access a walkway to get across the upper part of the chamber.  Take the walkway and then jump over to activate the beacon.  There is a little hidden area in the northwest corner of this upper area where a shade dwells.  You can find a locked chest and some potions here.  You can also find the skill book: Battle of Red Mountain (Block).  The exit is through a door in the west wall.

This next passage goes around to another chamber with a shade on the lower level and another patrolling the higher level.  The ramp on the west wall leads up to a pedestal with a potion of resist cold on it.  Taking the potion activates a spear trap.  The ramp on the east wall leads up to a passage that takes you back to the room you just left, except even higher up where you can activate the next pedestal.  Doing so opens a door in the bottom of the south wall of the chamber.  Go through this door to reach Kilkreath Catacombs.

Kilkreath Catacombs

You will be in a passage going south and down.  Follow the passage to a room with a pedestal.  You can also find a chest in the southwest corner of the room, and pick up a potion.  Exit to the west.

This passage leads to the final boss fight.  Malkoran and four shades are in this large chamber.  Be prepared – when you kill Malkoran, his shade will immediately arise and fight you.

Now you can take Dawnbreaker from the pedestal.

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