Skyrim: Katla’s Farm

April 19, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Katla’s Farm functions as the stables for Solitude, but is larger than the other stables in the other cities.

The farm is not a hugely important location, but you will come here as part of the main quest as you prepare to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy.  You can buy a horse here, but odds are good you will already have a horse long before you reach the farm.

The farm grows leeks, wheat, and potatoes, and raises chickens and goats.

There are two buildings, Solitude Stables and Katla’s Farm.  There is a quantity of iron and steel inside of the stables.

Geimund – will sell horses.

Horm – Geimund’s son

Katla – will buy produce.

Snilling – Katla’s husband

Knud – Katla’s son

Blaise – orphan who does odd jobs.

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