Skyrim: Karthspire

September 22, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Go through Karthspire Camp to reach Karthspire.

Most likely you will be here as part of the main quest line, in which case solving the puzzles will be easy because your guide will explain everything.

Enter into a forsworn encampment split into 2 levels.  Fight 2 forsworn and a briarheart.  There really isn’t anything to loot on the lower level.  On the upper level you can find a chest near the bed.  Exit to the west.

This passage roves around into a huge cavern.  Take some stairs up to 3 puzzle pillars.  Spin the pillars until all three show the symbol that is mostly round with an arrow pointing down.  This will lower the bridge for you to continue.

Take the bridge into a tunnel that goes to a room full of pressure plates.  The safe path is the tiles with the same symbol on them.  At the far end of the room is a chain to pull which will disable the trap and lower a bridge that you can’t see yet.

Exit to the north.  Cross the bridge that you lowered in the room you just left.  The bridge leads into a tunnel that goes around to a large chest and eventually you will discover Skyhaven Temple.

You cannot enter Skyhaven Temple unless you are on the quest: Alduin’s Wall.

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