Skyrim: Irkngthand

April 9, 2019 - Skyrim / Video Games

Irkngthand is a set of dwarven ruins that you will eventually want to explore in Skyrim. You can find Irkngthand in the mountains between Shearpoint and Raldbthar. You will most likely end up here as part of the Thieves Guild quest: Blindsighted, although you may stumble on it sooner.

As in all dwarven ruins you will face a mixture of falmer and dwarven machines that will try to kill you.

The outside of Irkngthand is home to yet another group of bandits who can’t seem to find a better place than camping in the snow. Clear the bandits and scale the stone stairs to find the entrance.

The entrance room has dead bandits in it. Further along you will find some dwarven spheres, so be careful. Game logic doesn’t hold (as expected) because somehow Mercer Frey is able to get through this without alerting anyone. Overlook the inconsistency and either sneak past or fight the spheres.

Making your way through the first part of Irkngthand is straightforward. There is only one path to the elevator to the Irkngthand Grand Cavern.

Irkngthand Grand Cavern

The grand cavern can be divided into three main caverns. They are fairly large, and it is pretty easy to get turned around if you aren’t careful. The caverns are filled with Falmer and traps, so go carefully. It is easy to pick them off from a distance, and due to the awkward nature of the toppled ruins the terrain can be hard to manage.

There is really only one direction to go, though, so just follow the main path until you reach Irkngthand Sanctuary.

Irkngthand Sanctuary

The sanctuary is really just one big cavern. This is the climax of the Blindsighted quest. Mercer Frey will give you a speech and then you have to fight him. He has one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and this fight can be surprisingly difficult if you aren’t prepared, especially on harder difficulties. It is much easier to take him at a distance, if possible, due to the life-draining powers of his sword.

The real danger of this cavern, however, is not Mercer. Mercer has pried out the Right Eye of the Falmer, which causes the cavern to begin to collapse. The way out is blocked and the cavern will fill with water. Finding the exit can be a bit tricky. You have to float up and then swim until you see the open pipe.

The pipe will lead out to Bronze Water Cave.

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