Skyrim: Hag’s End

September 16, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can only reach Hag’s End by going through Deepwood Redoubt and Deepwood Vale.  What follows is the walkthrough, including how to find the unique weapon Bloodthorn and the Slow Time shout.

You will enter a small entryway with a door to open to your left.  This door opens to a dining room where a hagraven dines with some witches.  This hagraven will disappear when wounded, and reappear periodically as you proceed.  The witches will fight to the death.  To the northwest is a barracks area, and any witches that weren’t in the dining area will be hear, but will be alerted and come out at the first sign of trouble.  The exit to this area is through a door to the northeast.

Through the door you will enter a passage with stairs to your right.  If you go straight ahead you will enter a little cave with several frost rune traps on the floor and nothing else of interest.  The traps are very hard to see because of the snow on the ground.  Instead take the stairs up, avoiding the trap on the stairs.  The stairs lead up to a door.  Open the door to a little throne room where the hagraven is presiding over more witches.  Again the hagraven will disappear after being wounded and the witches will fight to the death.  Along the east wall is a table with the skill book: Mystery of Talara, Part 4 (Illusion).  If you are here on the Dark Brotherhood quest, you will find a lever behind the throne to open a secret room to loot a dead assassin to grab the ancient shrouded armor.  Exit this room by pulling the lever next to the bridge to the northwest.

Head across the bridge and you will enter a passage.  To your left you will see a little room with straw on the floor with hagraven feathers scattered about the straw.  A frostbite spider will descend from the ceiling as you enter, and if you make enough noise the witch from further along the passage will come to fight you, otherwise you will encounter her later.  On a little shelf to the right of the fireplace is the Hag’s End Key.

Grab the key and head back to the passage where a witch is on guard unless you already killed her.  You will come to place with a door on your left and lever to open a grate on your right.  The key opens the door to your left, which goes into a treasure room, but watch out for the fire trap on the chest.

Head back and pull the lever and head up some stairs to a room with a pool of oil and a couple more witches.  On the pedestal is spell book for flames.  Pull a chain to open the grate to the southeast.  This leads to a long room with steps going up.  Here you can find the word wall for the shout: Slow Time.  There is also an arcane enchanter, and at the top of the stairs you can find the door to the upper part of Deepwood Vale.  Open the door to fight the hagraven.  Here on the summit is a dead witch, and next to her on the altar is the unique weapon Bloodthorn.

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  2. […] Redoubt is the way to get to Hag’s End.  If you are looking for the unique weapon Bloodthorn, or the Slow Time shout, you will need to go […]

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