Skyrim: Gloomreach

September 25, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Gloomreach west of Fort Sungard and north of Cradle Stone Tower.

There are no guards outside of the falmer dwelling.

Enter Gloomreach Cavern facing southwest and continue along the tunnel.    You will come to a room where sunlight can reach the cavern.  A tree dominates the middle of the room.  From here exit to the northeast.

Continue through the tunnel, which winds and widens and narrows, until you reach a scaffolding that you can walk under.  To your left, on top of a barrel is the skill book: Withershins (restoration).

Continue southeast.  You will past corundum ore, if you wish to mine it.  You will come to an area where the tunnel splits into two levels with a falmer patrolling each level.  From here you cannot access the upper level, so continue on the lower.  Here there are many mushrooms and more corundum ore.

The tunnel eventually opens into a wider cavern where a falmer keeps 2 chaurus.  When alerted, 2 more falmer that patrol the upper level will also come and try to join the fray.  In this cave you will find a frostbite spider inside a cage.  You can release it if you want to fight it.  There is a chest inside a falmer dwelling to the north.  Work your way around to a ramp along the south wall that leads up to the upper level.  From here you can make your way out onto the ledge that the first falmer you saw was watching from, or you can cross a wooden bridge to the north to exit this area.

Take the tunnel past some gear and loot another chest.  You will also pass a smelter that you can use to smelt any ore that you may have mined.  The tunnel continues until you reach Gloomreach Hive.

Gloomreach Hive:

Enter a tunnel going down to the south.  Watch out for the tripwire which can be hard to see because this tunnel is quite dark.  The tunnel emerges onto a ledge overlooking a very deep pit.  2 falmer guard the top of the pit, and  a chaurus lives in a small cave to the east.  Circle to the west to access the ramp leading down into the pit.

If you have not already alerted them and fought them, at least one more falmer will be at the bottom of the pit.  The bottom of the pit has a deep pool in it with a chest at the bottom.  Exit this area through a tunnel to the southeast.

The tunnel emerges into a cavern with more falmer (depending on how many you have already killed).  You can find a chest in the southeast portion of the cavern.  Be careful as there are deep pits in parts of the ground that can drop you to your death, or at least a severe wounding.  Safely exit this area by taking a ramp down along the southern wall.

This ramp circles another deep pit where you will face more falmer that live here.  Keep your eyes open for a chest to your right as you descend.  The ramp finally reaches the ground and you will find yourself into a large cavern extending to the west.  There isn’t much to loot here unless you are looking for mushrooms to do alchemy.  The exit is to the south through a gate.

Follow the tunnel back to Gloomreach Cavern within easy access of the exit.

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