Skyrim: Fort Hraggstad

August 16, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Unless you are doing the civil war quest line, this fort will be occupied by bandits.  Fort Hraggstad lies along the road going west from Solitude  and out towards the Altmer fortress of Northwatch Keep.

7 bandits in total patrol the outside areas of the fort.  Alerting one will alert them all.  The courtyard outside of the fort has a smithy and a chest.  There are is an entrance to Fort Hraggstad beneath the central tower and an entrance to Fort Hraggstad Prison beneath the northeast wall..

Fort Hraggstad Interior

Enter a chamber with a fireplace and a bandit trying to keep warm.  To your right is a doorway so you can exit this room to the north.

Through the doorway you will find yourself at the base of some stairs going up to your right (east).  The stairs lead up to a large living area with a bandit on guard and the bandit chief at the far end of the room.

The skill book: The Gold Ribbon of Merit can be found on the bandit chief’s table.  Next to this table is a chest.  In the far corner of the room, up a scaffold is a table with some potions and a locked (adept) chest.

Fort Hraggstad Prison

Enter a room with 2 bandits on guard.  This room has some gear and a coin purse you can loot.  Exit this room in the southeast corner into a passage going down.

The passage reaches a little landing with a table before turning to the right and continuing down.  At the bottom it opens into the prison proper where a bandit is on patrol.  You can loot a chest at the southern end of the room.  There are no prisoners or valuables in any of the cells.

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