Skyrim: Fort Greenwall

March 13, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Fort Greenwall is one of the many forts scattered around Skyrim.  Before entering the civil war, this fort is controlled by bandits.  The fort has three towers that span across the road between Riften and Shor’s Stone.

Three Bandits man the ramparts with one more keeping watch on top of the central tower.  You can enter Fort Greenwall (interior) through the east tower, or the Captain’s Quarters through the west tower.  The entrance to Fort Greenwall Cave is through the well in the center courtyard.  You can find a smithy under the western tower.

 Fort Greenwall Captain’s Quarters

Enter through the bottom entrance.  Immediately to your right and down (north) is a door to Fort Greenwall Prison.  Go straight ahead and follow the only hallway.  On this level you will find one bandit and a bandit chief. In the chief’s room you will find the skill book: Mace Ettiquette (one handed).  The ladder in the storage area leads to the top of the western tower in Fort Greenwall.

Fort Greenwall Prison

Enter through the Captain’s Quarters, and find yourself on a stairway heading down.  A bandit patrols the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, and will alert the bandit in the next room.  Around the corner you will enter a hallway with a balcony overlooking a wide room below.  Stairs go down into the room while the hallway continues east to a door exiting to Skyrim as well as continuing to the left until it reaches a door.  This door opens to the east into a storage room.


Back in the main room, you can find an exit to the east, stairs going down to the northeast which end in a tangle of spider webs.  Cut through the webs and find yourself face to face with three frostbite spiders.  The area has six prison cells and , a few dead bandits, and a locked door to the northwest.  The locked room holds a chest.

Fort Greenwall (interior)

Enter through the east tower of Fort Greenwall.  You will be in a living area with a fire pit.  Exit the room to the northeast and kill the bandit patrolling the halls.  The stairway circles down to your right.  You will come to a doorway that opens into a corridor directly ahead and another doorway into a circular room to your right.  A bandit guards this circular room.  Follow the corridor, and find a doorway to your left and an open door at the end of the hall that goes into a bathroom.

Take the doorway to your left and find a pair of bandits guarding a looted wagon.  This room also has a locked cage with a dead alchemist inside.  Exit to the south to find a bandit practicing in an exercise room.  In the northwest a stairway leads down to a storage, dining area, and bar, which is guarded by another bandit.

Greenwall Cave

This cave is illuminated by several glowing mushrooms.  The main feature is a pond that hides a dead imperial soldier, several mead bottles, and a chest.

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