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April 8, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Forelhost is reached by going through a tower on top of a mountain.  The tower is reached by approaching the mountain from the southeast.  The path will be guarded by leveled animals.  There is a locked chest in the top level of the tower.

At the top you will find Captain Valmir who will request your help.  This starts the quest: Siege on the Dragon Cult.

Enter Forelhost and you will immediately face a door to the north.  Open the door and enter the room.  It is guarded by the ghost of a Dragon Cultist.  In the room is a dead imperial soldier.  A raise walkway crosses above you and an empty pedestal is in the middle of the room.  The exit is to the north, but watch out for the pressure plate on just before the exit.

Going through the exit and into the hallway beyond will raise two more ghosts, which you have to kill.  The hall splits into a four way intersection with a fire burning in the middle of the crossroad.

South: takes you back to the entrance

North:  This way is blocked by fallen rocks.

West:  This way is blocked by a gate

East: takes you through a passage that curves around and ends in a large room.  When you enter the room 2 more dragon cultist ghosts will appear which you need to kill.  On a table at the end of the room is Skorm Snow-Strider’s journal.  This room can be exited by door to the west.  This leads to a second door that opens into a bedroom of some sort.  Two more ghosts guard this room. Exit this room in the southwest corner and follow a short tunnel.  The tunnel opens to a balcony overlooking a new room, which is guarded by a ghost.  If you take the balcony east you will find the raised walkway you saw before.  Cross this walkway to find a locked treasure chest.

Go back and down into the new room and you will find a little smithy.  There are several pieces of iron ore here as well as iron ingots.  There is also a treasure chest here.  You can exit this room to the west.  Going to the west takes you to a dining/kitchen/storage area guarded by another ghost.

Head north from here and enter a room with a ramp that circles up and a door to the north.  This room is guarded by 2 draugr and another dragon cultist.  The ramp up leads to a pressure plate and a trapped treasure chest.

Head north into a hallway.  Watch out for the pressure plate.  You will find that this hallway leads back to the locked gate you couldn’t open before.  A lever on the south wall will open the gate.  To the north is a short tunnel leading to a door that opens to Forelhot Crypt.  The door is guarded by a high level draugr.

Forelhost Crypt

Enter and follow the hallway around.  You will have to fight another dragon cultist.  Eventually the hallway splits so you can either go north or south.

North takes you to a caged room with a locked gate with a master lock.

South takes you to a room with three doors.  This room is guarded by a dragon cultist.  The door in the northeast corner is a closet.  The door in the southeast corner is barred from the other side.  The door in the south wall opens into a tunnel.

Go south to a tunnel that is guarded by a draugr (on your left).  The tunnel goes down and to your right and ends in a room guarded by two more draugr.  This room has a door to the southeast that opens into a treasure room and a door to the west and to the south.  The chest in the treasure room is guarded by a pressure plate trap.  The door to the west is a dead end.

The door to the south takes you into a tunnel that is guarded by high level druagr.  Along  the way you will see pedestals with an emerald and a potion on them.  Traps guard both pedestals.  The one with the potion on it may trigger a bug which will cause the trap to continuously fire poison darts without stopping.  Follow the tunnel around, looting the chest, and bypassing the pressure plates while killing more draugr.

Eventually you will come to a room with a draugr wight lord and his minions.  He can be tough to fight because he continually uses the disarm shout.  In the chest in this room you will find the Forelhost Well Key, which opens that master gate you may not have been able to open before, allowing you to continue.  Take the circling ramp up and past a frost trap to open the door that was barred from the other side.  From here head north to the master lock gate and head down into the well.

You will need to go under water to find the exit tunnel, which is still partially submerged.  You will come to a room with some skeevers in it and an exit to the east.  In this room you can also find the skill book: Exodus (resoration).   You will need to go under water again to reach a ramp that goes up.  This opens to a room with a few poison bottles.

Continue east to a room with an elevator trap.  Beware the draugr here.  You can exit to the north and find a door to Forelhost Refectory.

Forelhost Refectory

You will enter a hallway that leads up to the west.  The passage circles to the south and opens to a room with two draugr guards.  You may exit this room through a door to the west.

The door opens to a large room patrolled by draugr.  In this room is a locked grate to the west and a door you can open to the south.

Go through the door and find a tunnel filled with oil and flame runes which is patrolled by another draugr.  Follow the tunnel around to a room with a little garden.  Three draugr will emerge from sarcophagi when you enter this room.  You can exit her using a ramp to the northwest.  Take the ramp up to a small throne room.  Here you can find an alchemy lab and several deathbells.  You can also go back and to the south to open the locked grate you couldn’t open before, using a lever on the wall on this side.

Exit the throne room by going up another ramp and then taking a tunnel east. On a pedestal upstairs is a spell tome: Flames.  To the east opens to a room with a shocking trap and a draugr scourge.  The soul gem controlling the shock trap is held in a locked closet.  In this room you can find the glass claw as well as a few potions.  Behind the locked door in the east wall is a shelf with an ebony shield.

Exit this room through a tunnel to the south, past another locked chest.  The tunnel ends in a door.  Open the door to a room with an arcane enchanter and a draugr.  A chest on the south wall is trapped, but the trap can be disarmed.  Exit through a door to the southwest.

Watch out for a pressure plate as you enter the door.  A draugr scourge guards the hall.  The hall opens into a wide corridor that ends with a puzzle door which requires the glass claw to open.  The solution (from to bottom) is fox, owl, snake.

On the other side you enter a wide corridor that leads to the main burial chamber.  When you go far enough in, the dragon priest, Rahgot, and four draugr will emerge from their sarcophagi.  Kill the draugr and Rahgot.  On Rahgot’s body you can find the Forelhost balcony key and the dragonpriest mask Rahgot.  In the burial chamber you will also find a chest.  The mask gives a +70 boost to stamina, which is, obviously, a great boost to melee fighters.

Go through the door to Forelhost Battlements, which is unlocked with the key you found on Rahgot.  Out on the battlements you can find a word wall for the Storm Call shout.

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