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January 3, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

In general, fishing in Skyrim is time consuming, but if you are a hardcore alchemist it can be rewarding.  In addition to Histcarp, Silverside Perch, River Betty, and Abecin Longfin; Salmon Roe, Slaughterfish Eggs, Slaughterfish Scales, Nordic Barnacles, Nirnroots, Orange Dragonfly and Blue Dragonfly can all be found in the water.


Salmon Roe is extremely valuable but can only be found by catching salmon that are actively jumping up waterfalls.  The best place to find them is the river running through Riverwood.  With practice, you can collect up to 20 Salmon Roe on this stretch of river.


To spot good fishing places, look for the dragonflies.  Where they are flying, the other alchemical fish will be found.  Catch the dragonflies first.  They will fly away quickly while the fish will continue to swim and can be caught at your leisure.


Slaughterfish can be surprising and dangerous.  The danger lies, not so much in their power as in the fact that you can’t attack if you are sufficiently submerged.  In order to combat them you need to lure them to the edge and then attack.  Killing Slaughterfish yields Slaughterfish scales.  Slaughterfish eggs can be found periodically along the shores of the rivers.


Nordic Barnacles favor deeper water and are more difficult to find, but the lake west of Riverwood holds some.  They can also be found along the coast at the northern edge of Skyrim.


Nirnroots glow and hum, and are easiest to spot at night.  Nirnroots do not respawn, so use them carefully – most notable to create potions of invisibility

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