Skyrim: Fellglow Keep

July 27, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Outside of Fellglow Keep is patrolled by a flame atronach and 2 mages, making this a difficult area to approach.  If you are wandering in the area northeast of Whiterun, you might come on the keep by accident.  Alternatively, you might be here for Arniel’s Endeavor, Hitting the Books, or to find another Unusual Gem for No Stone Unturned.

Fellglow Keep Interior:

Enter facing south.  this room has a door to your left and an open doorway to your right.  Straight ahead stairs lead up to th balcony.  Go up to the balcony and find a door to your right.  Through this door a mage is working.  Kill him and take the Fellglow Keep key.  Also in this room you can find an enchanter, alchemy lab, anvil, and an unusual gem, as well as some quicksilver ingots.

Back downstairs you can take the door to the east.  This leads to a living quarters where two mages spend their time.  A short passage in the south wall leads to the latrine.

Head back to the entry way and take the door to the west.  This wide hallway narrows as you continue west until it curves around to a adining room where two mages are relaxing.  A passage leads north from the wide hall to a door to Fellglow Keep Dungeons.  A door in the west wall of the dining hall opens to a chapel where a mage stands at a pedestal that holds the skill book: The doors of Oblivion.  Near the pedestal is a chest to loot.  A door in the north wall of the chapel leads down and around to a door to Fellglow Keep Dungeon.

Fellglow Keep Dungeon:

Enter from the outside and you will be in a passage facing east with stairs heading down and around to a room with a shallow pool where 2 skeevers live.  Past the pool the tunnel continues to an open door.

Beyond the door the tunnel continues to another room with a shallow pool.  A balcony overlooks this pool and 2 mages wait atop the balcony.  Exit through a passage in the southeast corner. Watch out for the pressure plate.

You will come to a junction with options to go left or straight ahead.  If you go straight ahead you will come to a storage room with a locked chest.  This leaves the option of taking the left passage.

The passage goes down to a jail.  A mage watches over the cells, which contain dead vampires.  A series of levers in the southeast corner opens each cell.  Open the door to a wide hall where 2 mages are dissecting vampires.  Kill the mages and find the door in the northeast corner.

The door goes to a passage that winds down to another jail.  A mage is on guard here.  3 levers in the center of the room open the cells.  A locked door to the west opens to a small storage room with a locked chest.  Stairs to the north lead to a door to Fellglow keep (to the hall closest to the door to Skyrim).  The door to the northeast opens to a passage that leads to a little prison area guarded by 2 mages.

Stairs lead up and out to a passage.  The passage ends in a wide hall with coffins.  Two mages and a skeleton are here.  A pedestal holds the spell book: Raise Zombie.  Stiars in the northwest corner lead to a door to Fellglow Keep.

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